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Sonic Eraser Pro

with Triplex Infusion Technologyâ„¢

Sonic Eraser Pro utilizes a next generation 3-in-1 technology called Triplex Infusion to help the beneficial ingredients in your skincare products absorb at maximum efficiency into the stratum corneum and REALLY begin working for you. Get more out of your anti-aging serums and creams when you apply them with the Sonic Eraser Pro, instead of your fingertips. 

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• 1 Rechargeable Sonic Eraser Pro 

• 1 Charging Stand

• 1 Charging Cord



• Leaves skin feeling energized and refreshed

• Provides immediate and long lasting hydration

• Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

• Helps your skincare products work better for you

• Delivers an anti-aging massage during application to revive tired skin




Triplex Infusion Technology simultaneously utilizes Sonic, Ionic and Thermal Infusion as a 3-in-1 approach to help your skincare products “get to where they need to get” in the skin to finally start working


SONIC- sonic oscillations at more 30,000 times per minute 

• Replaces outdated “tapping” technique for more evenly distributed product

• Provides an anti-aging massage to revive the look of tired skin for a more youthful complexion

IONIC – Creates a negative flow of electrons traveling on a circuit

• Negative electrons attract positively charged skincare products to help them work better

• Automatically turns on/off the device when it looses contact with skin for increased battery life


THERMAL - Gradually warms to 107F

• The ideal temperature to help increase product absorption

• Provides a pleasant sensation that works with the sonic massage to restore radiance


Sonic Eraser Pro


Clinically Validated Results- 32 women participated in an independent study conducted to determine the benefits of adding the device into an existing skincare regimen. The following was reported by study participants after just 2 weeks of use: 


• 84% reported that their skincare products absorbed faster

• 81% reported that their skincare products absorbed better

• 78% reported that their serum or cream was applied more evenly

• 75% reported that their skin feels more hydrated

• 97% reported that it was simple to use

• 75% reported that their existing skincare products worked better

• 72% reported that they were able to use less serum or cream


Majority of participants reported:

• That their skin looks firmer

• That their skin appears more youthful

• That they were surprised to see how much faster they saw results

• That their skin appears brighter

• That they feel more confident


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