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Knu Serum

Kaolin Clay Mask

Maximum Strength

What it is:

A pore clarifying treatment mask formulated with highly absorbent Kaolin Clays, Black Willow Bark, Allantoin, Sulfur and Witch Hazel in a soothing base of 100% Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice.   


What it is formulated to do:
Our maximum strength mask for oily and blemish prone skin the helps to remove pore-clogging impurities, soothe and promote balance for a healthier looking complexion.


What it is formulated WITHOUT:
-Water or Cheap Fillers
-Artificial Dyes
-Synthetic Fragrance
-Mineral Oil

What else you need to know:
Intended for Oily & Blemish Prone Skin Types. Not suitable for sensitive skin.
100 ml/ 3.4 fl oz



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  • Directions
  • Ingredients
  • Reviews


Benefits & Key Ingredients


 White and Red Kaolin Clay

  •  Highly absorbent to help remove excess surface oil & help remove pore-clogging impurities
  • Nourishes the skin with minerals for a healthier appearance
  • Improves the appearance of enlarged pores


Black Willow Bark

  •  Promotes balance in the skin for a more even look
  •  Helps remove excess oil from the skin’s surface
  •  Improves the appearance of uneven tone, texture and enlarged pores


Witch Hazel

  •  Soothes at it lightly enhances the complexion with hydration
  •  Helps promote balance and improves the appearance of enlarged pores



  • Promotes exfoliation to help clear away dead skin
  • Helps remove excess oil
  • Improves the appearance and feeling of smoothness of the complexion


Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

  •  One of nature’s most beneficial ingredients for skin, known for its moisturizing & soothing properties





After cleansing, pat skin dry and apply an even layer of KAOLIN CLAY MASK over face and neck. Avoid eye area. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse. Follow with toner, serum and moisturizer. May be used 2 or 3 times a week.



Kaolin Clay Mask

Aloe Barbadensis (Organic Aloe) Juice, Bentonite Clay, Montmorillonite (Red) Clay, Glycerin, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract, Kaolin (White) Clay, Epilobium Angustifolium Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Polysorbate 80, Salix Nigra (Black Willowbark) Extract, Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan), Allantoin, Sulfur, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Cellulose Gum, Polyacrylamide, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Laureth-7, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Sodium Phytate, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid



Information on Ingredients: MTTO is constantly updating the ingredients in our products to bring you the most effective and natural skin care, without cheap water fillers, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors or synthetic fragrances. The above listing represents the current up to date formulation for this product. Due to long lead times for production of our packaging, the ingredients listing on the package may not reflect all current ingredients. Refer to the ingredients listing on our website for the most up to date information on ingredients.

21 Reviews For "Kaolin Clay Mask"

  1. The Best "Detox" For Breakouts & Sad Skin

    by HelenaRoman on 4/1/2016


    I have serious acne caused by hormones, stress and bacteria is also a contributor. This mask "pulls" out literally everything. I had a particular clogged pore for 4 months that I thought was an ingrown hair. Within a day of using this mask, that "bump" fell out - it was a whitehead! This mask will literally pull everything out of your sin that is there. I can't live without it. I immediately follow with the anti-bacterial Blue-Green Algae Toner to protect after the mask treatment.

  2. Absolute favorite clay mask !!!

    by katina on 2/25/2016


    My skin feels so clean and fresh after using this! I use it more often during hormonal breakout (ladies you all know what im talking about! :( Ugh) and it helps sooo much to keep my skin from freaking out . Hands down the best facemask i have used in years!

  3. LOVE IT!

    by Kristy on 2/9/2016


    Me and my daughter LOVE this product! We both have sensitive skin as well and this works wonderfully, especially after cleansing with the Soniclear brush and Charcoal Detox scrub. There is a slight burning sensation, but it's not bad and the after effect is wonderful!

  4. Good

    by Danielle on 9/24/2014


    I love this product for the way it works. It burns a little a first, but after a while you can tell it's working. It's really improved my skin drastically. The only thing is it's very messy and please don't leave it on longer than the directions say, trust me!

  5. HOLY GRAIL!!!

    by Angie90 on 7/24/2014


    This face mask never fails me. It cleared up all of my blemishes and even the red marks left behind from picking at my acne. My face looks as if I've never had a break out in my life. I stopped using this product for a while. No particular reason as to why I stopped. I started breaking out again mostly because I had black heads which I than tried to squeeze which led to my skin becoming inflamed and a nasty pimple would form. I bought this mask again my skin is clear as day. I use it every day. I leave it on until the tingling sensation goes away. It took a months use for my skin to be completely clear of break outs and acne scars. This face mask does not disappoint. It does sting when you first put it on but that's how you know it's working. I will never be without this product. Please never discontinue or change the formula! I don't know what I would do without it...

  6. Just AMAZING!

    by Ida on 4/22/2014


    I have the older version of this. The one where the cap opens up and you lay upside down. Well anyways this mask makes my skin feel so soft. It dulls down my present acne. And honestly everytime I use it I feel like my face is relaxed. I love it! You can't go wrong with this product.

  7. mud mask from hell

    by Janelle on 4/15/2014


    I absolutely love this mask, but like others have mentioned it IS painful at first. The first time I put it on I washed it off immediately because I thought my face was melting. After a few times the pain became a little more bearable, but only because your skin looks amazing afterward! Smaller pores, faded acne scars, and and overall more even complexion. I do have to say, I absolutely hate the pump on this mask. It takes me ten minutes just to get enough out to cover my face. But the quality of the product is outstanding.

  8. Great product but two considerations

    by Iris on 4/2/2014


    I started off using the normal strength one, I loved that and saw a huge difference. As I have a big problem with clogged pores, when it came to repurchasing it, I saw this maximum strength one and thought I would give it a try. The first thing I noticed was the pump - I don't know if it's just the bottle I received but it worked once and then just refuses to work any more. I tried washing it out but now I have to press it ten times upside down, with repeated shaking of the bottle, for me to get any product out. I've tried washing out the pump, but that didn't help. I've resorted to getting it straight out of the bottle but that's less hygienic and I don't like doing it. The second thing I noticed is that it doesn't seem to be noticeably better than the normal strength one, but the consistency is different and dries a lot flakier than the normal strength. All this said, I'm a huge True Organics fan and all the products I've tried are great. This one is perhaps not totally right for me, and I'll go back to the normal one when it comes time to repurchase.

  9. my favorite mask ever!!

    by annabelle on 3/15/2014


    This mask has not only boosted the radiance of my skin, but also my confidence! It does burn, as previous reviews have stated, but it is worth every second of the pain. My acne has improved so much just by the use of this mask. Whenever I feel a breakout happening, I use this mask and my breakouts go away! I ALWAYS get compliments on my skin the day after using this (I usually use it before bed.) If smoother, blemish free skin is what you're after, you will not be disappointed ;)

  10. Beauty is pain

    by Alyssa on 2/24/2014


    I like to refer to this as my "mud mask from hell" because, as others have mentioned, it burns pretty badly when you put it on. The burning takes about 2-3 minutes to subside and then it just feels like a normal mud mask, but once you take it off it's like a complete transformation. The day after I use this mask, I always notice that my pores look significantly smaller and my skin overall looks much brighter. I like using this the night before big events because it makes my face look amazing without leaving any signs of irritation.

  11. Best mask ever!

    by Veronica on 2/21/2014


    I used this mask for 4 months 2 a week, it's the best mask so far makes my face feel fresh and clean. Also it helps out on reducing my active brake out which is great!

  12. Be patient with this product!

    by Sophie on 2/6/2014


    The first time I applied this mask the burning sensation was almost unbearable and I was about to wash it off-but just wait! I stuck through the initial burning and it reduced after about 3 minutes. I know it's scary, but it just shows how well this mask is working! After washing it off you will see what I mean. My skin was refreshed, glowing, and my usually large pores looked almost vanished! Would definitely recommend this mask to anyone with combination or blemish-prone skin, it works wonders!

  13. Tingly skin!

    by Nadia on 1/6/2014


    My acne has almost gone since using the entire acne skin care regime. This mask tingles, sort of burns a bit at first, but leave it on and it will go away. I only leave it on for 5-10 mins max. My skin feels super soft afterwards, not squeaky clean which is good. May not be suitable for people with sensitive skin.

  14. Perfect

    by Katrina on 12/31/2013


    This mask is awesome. It's true that it will burn at first, but I like to feel something working. Using a toner afterwards gets rid of any mask residue and skin feels and looks great.

  15. Really woks

    by Penny on 12/31/2013


    I just used this mask and at first i was really scared to apply it since i read reviews that it burns but i put it on and after two seconds the tingly feeling started but it wasn't bad. after washing it off i can see my skin tone was more even and the inflammation of the acne decreased dramatically. I will continue to use this product and was surprised how quickly and effectively this worked especially since it is organic.

  16. Good Product

    by Siew Hoon (Jace) on 12/31/2013


    I found this mask does help to clear out my skin quite well. after clearing and scrubbing my skin, i can feel my skin very soft, supple, my pore has reduced, and redness of my blemishes has subsided. My face has become clear and brightened.
    I found that my laughter line has softened. Great.. Thumb. Hope my bad acne at cheek and chin well recovered soon.

  17. stings a bit but makes my skin look fresh!

    by tracy on 12/28/2013


    First time i tried this product I felt like my skin was melting, but once it dried it went away. I was able to see the difference in my skin and I love this product!

  18. Let your skin adjust before you give up.

    by Heather on 11/13/2013


    The first time I used this it stung so bad it brought tears to my eyes. That being said, it hasn't hurt since. I LOVE this mask! Whenever I use it (before bed) the next morning my skin looks amazing! I think I got one with a defective pump though. It takes 10-15 pumps to get a drop out.

  19. Love it

    by Kari76 on 11/6/2013


    Burns a bit for the first minute but after you let it dry and di it's thing it is fantastic. I will always have this as part of my weekly routine


    by Lanaire on 9/7/2013


    I purchased the acne skin regime, and this product was a part of it.
    I have a sensitive, combination skin. I break out occasionally depending on what I eat. I wouldn't consider my skin to be acne-prone, but i have some white heads, and a bit of black heads which is why I got the acne type regime.
    I used the charcoal cleanser in the shower followed by the jojoba charcoal scrub. After, i wiped my face with a towel and applied THIS. IT BURNED MY FACE like mf! I waited patiently for like 3mins till the tingling and burning sensation finally went away. I thought it was because I used the scrub. (it says to use after cleansing.) So I PUT IT ON MY BF'S FACE WHO HADN'T EVEN WASHED HIS FACE. I told him it might burn but probably not. He HAS OILY, TYPICAL YOUNG GUY SKIN, A BIT SENSITIVE THOUGH. He said it burned really bad! then it went away. NOW WE ARE HAVING THE MASK ON, GETTING DRY. FEELS REALLY TIGHT. NO MORE PAIN.
    I'll go wash my face in a bit and come back to report what it feel/looks like. FYI, I've used clay mask products before including Aztec Indian healing clay. Michael Todd one applies a lot thinner and easier to work on the face. Smells like regular clay masks.
    A lot of clay products, when meet water, turns moist and then washes off, leaving clean, dry feeling. Then your face feels very tight. HOWEVER, THIS ONE IS THE OPPOSITE. My face was moisturized when water touched my face. And this left me some kind of residue, like oily feeling. It wasn't heavy or anything like that. But definitely like when you do a nourishing mask stuff and then rinse it off. So weird. I don't know about drawing out impurities, I would need the telescope to see that. My face feels breathable. I used the lemon toner and then the carrot serum. Very light weight. PRODUCTS LIKE THIS, WOULD TOTALLY NEED TO BE USED FOR MORE THAN 2 WEEKS TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE. I WILL UPDATE.

  21. Kaolin Clay Mask

    by Riley88 on 9/6/2013


    At first using this product, it was really stinging my skin. I was kind of freaking out, but you have to leave it on for 10-15 minutes and literally after a minute of it stinging you can feel it almost deep cleaning your pores and it feels fine. It rinses clean and leaves your skin smooth.

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