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Honey and Oat

Gentle Daily Cleanser

What it is:
A gentle daily gel cleanser formulated with key ingredients Honey and Oat Extract in a soothing base of 100% Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice.

What it is formulated to do:
Gently remove impurities without stripping the skin of its natural moisture balance. An ideal daily cleanser for all skin types to cleanse and prep the complexion for next skincare regimen steps. A true Michael Todd, “Hero” product with a growing fan base.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
-Water or Cheap Fillers
-Artificial Dyes
-Synthetic Fragrance
-Mineral Oil

What else you need to know:
Intended for All Skin Types.
200 ml/ 6.7 fl oz

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Benefits & Key Ingredients


  •   Naturally moisturizing & rich with antioxidants
  •   Soothes at it enhances the complexion for increased radiance


Oat Extract

  •   Helps to draw out deep set impurities in the skin without irritating
  •   Antioxidant-rich to help protect the skin’s youthful appearance
  •   Soothing and moisturizing


Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

  •  One of nature’s most beneficial ingredients for skin, known for its moisturizing & soothing properties


Ideal for use with the Soniclear™ or with hands alone. Wet face and hands with warm water. Apply cleanser onto hands or brush head and gently massage onto damp face in upward, circular motions. Rinse thoroughly.



Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Organic Aloe Vera) Juice, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Decyl Glucoside, Coco Glucoside, Sodium Cocoyl Glutomate,Glycerin, Oat Beta Glucan, Olea Euopaea (Olive) Leaf Extract, Alpha Tocopherol, Panthenol, Honey, Glycol Stearate, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Sodium Phytate, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid


Information on Ingredients: We are constantly updating the ingredients in our products to bring you the most effective and natural skin care, without cheap water fillers, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors or synthetic fragrances. The above listing represents the current up to date formulation for this product. Due to long lead times for production of our packaging, the ingredients listing on the package may not reflect all current ingredients. Refer to the ingredients listing on our website for the most up to date information on ingredients.

87 Reviews For "Honey and Oat "


    by Alicia on 9/4/2016


    Love how this lathers, cleans & feels.. use it in the am without my Sonic .. followed by my FAVORITE Blue-Green Algae toner I AM SUPER OBSESSED WITH.. Skin is looking GREAT thanks MT!

  2. Perfect for sensitive skin

    by Allie on 7/7/2016


    This cleanser is great, especially for those with sensitive skin. It's been hard finding a cleanser that makes my face feel clean after wearing makeup all day, while also being gentle. Five stars.

  3. Just an amazing cleanser

    by julia on 5/12/2016


    ok ok my review not only towards this Honey Oat Gel which is so gentle and soft to the skin, but toward Michael Todd shop online in general.The shipping overseas was so fast (from usa to europe it took only 5 days, i must say Wow) .Thank you for such exellent shipping service.And im also satisfied with all products I had purchased in here.

  4. Love the product, however not the packaging

    by Val on 9/20/2015


    Honey and Oat cleanser is amazing, same as other cleansers by Michael Todd! The only weakness is the packaging. I travel a lot and each time i unpack my skincare from the suitcase, I always find that my cleanser leaked out of the bottle, so i lose a lot of product. If the packaging will be improved to prevent leakage, i'll be repurchasing it on a regular basis. same with the other products that have similar dispenser

  5. Love this product.

    by Kia on 4/5/2015


    I've spent years looking for the right facial cleanser that will be gentle enough on my face, but still have the power to help my bad acne, and this cleanser does all of the above. It's so gentle and makes my skin feel so soft, and has successfully cleared up my acne. Definitely worth buying.

  6. Amazing Product!!

    by Megan on 3/17/2015


    I absolutely love love love this product! It has done wonders for my skin!!

  7. Best cleaning product ever!

    by Patty on 2/24/2015


    This is my third bottle and I'll continue buying this cleaning gel. I have a very dry skin. My skin usually get breakout from most of facial cleansers I've used, but not for The Oat and Honey from Michaeltodd. After a few time usage, I notice that my skin becomes smoother, clean, and of course no breakout! I'm really really impressed by the quality.


    by Jackie on 12/30/2014


    I'm writing this review based on the fact that this cleanser purely CLEANS my face and leaves minimal residue behind on my cotton pad after I use toner, smells great, non-irritant, gentle, removes ALL of my makeup, and especially that it does not burn my eyes. This is hands down the best cleanser I have ever used and is worth every bit penny!

    You're definitely missing out if you don't give this one a try.

    It hasn't broke me out and if anything I feel like it's been keeping my face clean throughout the day and night.

  9. Love this stuff

    by regena on 12/22/2014


    I used this everyday and now I am hooked, leaves my skin feeling awesome. And cleans away all of my makeup.

  10. What a great cleanser!

    by amazed on 12/13/2014


    I really enjoy reading reviews on products because it really does help you make a decision on whether to purchase or not. So I thought I would add mine!! I've been using this cleanser for only a lil over a week and this is the best cleanser I have ever used!!! It really does deep clean!! These tiny little marks that I thought were just always going to be there have actually surfaced the skin and then just gone a way after a couple more washes!! My chin is the major issue I had going on because it just had been broke out for 3 months after going off of birth control and everytime I tried to make it better it just kept getting more clogged and worse! And now all these under the skin type blemishes (not cyst) are finally finally finally coming to the surface!! After three long months!!! My face feels so clean and looks so bright! I also have been using the blue green algae toner for 3 weeks, the hylauronoc acid + c serum for 3 weeks, Damascus rose moisturizer for 2 weeks, tropical fruit scrub for 2 weeks, and also the bi light for 1 week! And those have worked wonders also! No breakouts from anything!! Nothing but clear brightened skin!! On my chin tho I just started using the lemon toner last night and WOW I can tell a difference after 1 night!!! Thank you so much!!

  11. Worth every penny!

    by Taylor Cha on 12/3/2014


    I've never heard of Michael Todd until I stumbled upon a review on YouTube from one of my favorite YouTube gurus. I have very normal skin and depending on the weather it can be either oily or dry. My main concern with my skin are small bumps due to congested pores. I am on week 2 of using this cleanser every night and I've seen less of the little bumps! I use this cleanser with my clarisonic mia 2 and it works amazing. It's a fantastic cleanser. My skin feels so soft afterwards and i feel like I can pass on the moisturizer because it leaves my skin so moisturized! I love this cleanser so much I purchased another one using their cyber Monday code saving me 40%!

  12. Best cleanser I've tried

    by Alex on 10/4/2014


    I have tried a few of the Michael Todd cleansers, among dozens of other brands, and this is still my all-time favorite cleanser! It smells delicious, it is so silky and hydrating on your face, and it takes off all of your makeup. I work in television so I wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, and some cleansers leave makeup behind and don't leave my face feeling clean. This cleanser WORKS. It washes off the heaviest makeup without stripping my skin of natural oils. My skin feels clean, but still soft and hydrated. I've used this cleanser year-round in the harshest of conditions, and my skin always feels balanced. FYI - I have normal to dry skin, so I'm not sure how this would react with sensitive or oily skin. I will never switch cleansers again! I love it!

  13. Wonderful!

    by Jenn on 9/10/2014


    This cleanser is a miracle worker. Takes off all my makeup. Smells so great! Has helped with my acne also. I highly recommend, worth the money!

  14. Great!

    by Steffanie on 9/4/2014


    I am a teenager suffering from acne, and I really liked this cleanser! My older sister also loves it! It smells so nice, and doesn't sting my eyes. I love the clean feeling I get after using this! My skin feels so much softer, and my dry patches were a lot better after using it!

  15. Impressed

    by Vee on 8/26/2014


    I have tried my fair share of cleansers. This is by far the best, not only does it smell amazing, it makes my face feel amazing! Just a small amount is enough to lather and cleanse my face. I have dry, sensitive skin and this honey and oat doesn't dry it out. I recommend this to everyone!

  16. WOW

    by Samantha on 8/20/2014


    Absolutely my favorite cleanser of all time! This product truly does clean your face without over drying. Perfect for sensitive skin!

  17. FanTaBuLous!

    by Amy on 8/16/2014


    After the very 1st time I used this, not only did it clean my face completely, it left it feeling clean and soft! A little goes a LONG way. Kudzu one pump is enough for my entire face and neck. My skin loss much brighter and healthier. This along with MTTO Cleanse and Tone are by far the best cleansers I've ever used. I'm a skin care junkie and have tried EVERYTHING out there but there's no comparison. I use this cleanser in the morning because it's a bit lighter in consistency and the smell is a nice wake me up. I use the Cleanse and Tone Cleanser at night because it's richer and feels like a spa treatment. A MUST have!

  18. Your customer service is second to none

    by Roshani on 8/15/2014


    I purchased this cleanser and when it arrived ( in Australia) it had been squashed whilst in transit and had lost some of the product.
    I emailed Michael Todd and you guys were amazing. My problem was sorted out quickly and to my satisfaction.
    I LOVE this product and will recommend your products and site to all of my family and friends. It's so great to shop with such an honest and reliable on line retailer . You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!

  19. My Skin LOVES It!!

    by Renee on 7/29/2014


    Wow! I could go on and on about why I love this cleanser! I always thought I had oily skin until using this cleanser. My skin is so much less oily and is now normal/combination! Don't get me wrong it's not too drying I just think it somehow restored my skin to what it really is. Only during the summer my skin gets oily after being in the heat/humidity. This is by far my favorite cleanser! I'm blown away at how effectively it cleans my skin and removes all my eye make up (I only wear eye shadow and eye liner and sometimes an organic sheer powder) and leaves no residue. I have tried another MTTO cleanser which was good but I came back to this one; it is my favorite by far - please NEVER change anything about this product; I'm on my second one and I love it!!

  20. Gentle, thorough cleanser great for acneic skin.

    by Crystal W. on 7/25/2014


    Love this cleanser. My search has ended. No need to ever buy another cleanser! It doesn't dry my face out like most washes I use for acne. I have oily skin but after I wash it I tend to have dry areas. (The Charcoal face wash dries my face out too much.) I also use it to wash off my eye makeup and there is no burning like they say. My skin is looking and feeling so much better using this skin care line. This is the first time in years I'm not using a harsh acne wash & my face isn't breaking out from not using one. Also loving the toners, Blue Green Algae & Organic Lemon. Only gripe, I wish you had the option to purchase the pump bottle! Love the pump. I'm currently refilling my old pump bottle.

  21. Awesome!

    by Marfel on 7/13/2014


    I first saw this product from a Youtube guru. I was convinced to try this product based on her reviews. I am glad I did! This product did amazing not just cleansed my face but helped getting rid of the make up that didn't get clean using towelettes. It made my face looked brighter and felt fresher every time I use it. It never leave my skin very dry like other products I've used. Instead it feels so soft and real clean. My friends even noticed how soft and cleaner my face since I've used this product. I always recommend to my friends and family to give it a try and they wont regret it! It is worth every penny..not to mention it is organic!

  22. Sensitive Skin Rejuvenation !!!

    by ShareeG on 7/10/2014


    My skin can sometimes get oily but ever since I started using this cleanser my gosh my skin is having less breakouts & oil. My skin is looking fresher, brighter, & smoother !! I use every day this cleanser, the lemon toner, & aloe ver healing oil in my skin.


    by JG26 on 6/10/2014


    My skin is dry/sensitive/oily, and I had really bad dry spots around my forehead, nose, and cheeks. Then I was oily on my t-zone. Any time I tried a new cleanser it would dry my face even worse and then break me out. I then heard of this cleanser from youtube, and decided to take a shot at it. And let me tell you I had tried out so many cleansers that I was to my wits end. Finally when I tried this cleanser with the first wash I noticed my skin felt so clean and didn't feel tight. I have been using this cleanser for the past 3 months and my skin has improved dramatically. I no longer have dry spots on my face, I haven't broken out, and my skin has not been as oily as it use to be. I hardly ever write reviews but after all I went through with my skin I knew I had to let people know how amazing this product is. Plus when I wash my makeup off with this cleanser it takes it all off even my waterproof mascara. I highly recommend this product to anyone with the same skin issues I was dealing with. Great product.

  24. unbelieveable cleanser

    by Angie on 5/29/2014


    Best cleanser!! A little goes a long way.
    so soothing, removes every trace of makeup. Surprisingly it does not bother my eyes, which are very sensitive.
    honey is incredible for your skin thanks to its antibacterial properties and skin-saving antioxidants.
    Oat Extract will absorb and remove excess oil and bacteria from your skin and exfoliate dead skin cells.

  25. Life Changer

    by Danielle on 5/28/2014


    I feel like all cleansers I have used, have dried my skin so much and feeling stripped...this on the other hand makes my skin feel so soft and smooth and feels soothing to the skin while cleansing. It works so well with my clarisonic also. A for sure repurchase for me!!!

  26. Fantastic face wash

    by Sofia on 5/21/2014


    This is an amazing face wash, it cleanses the skin and removes all of the makeup, everything just seems to dissolve and your skin feels clean.Plus it smells really good which is a plus. I highly recommend this product.

  27. LOVE

    by Jackie on 5/7/2014


    This cleanser removes all my makeup easily and is gentle on the eyes. My only complaint is the new flip cap. Please bring back the pump, it was so much easier to use!

  28. amazing pore refiner

    by eliza on 5/4/2014


    Iv always had sensitive skin which would break out easily, and also had very large pores. I would prefer to use gel cleansers to remove oil but they would always end up making my skin produce extra oil.
    some how now with this AMAZING product its still a gel but it hydrates my skin, its not as oily any more and my pores have reduced dramatically. Every inch of my make up diapers even waterproof mascara. Im never changing cleansers again, I'm in love!

  29. Great Face Wash

    by iramblr on 4/19/2014


    Love this face wash! It cleans my makeup (waterproof) so easily! Perfect for those lazy days. I don't even need another makeup remover! My skin feels clean, but not dry after using this. Not a huge fan of the smell... But I don't mind too much =) Will purchase again!

  30. Great cleanser for my sensitive skin

    by Amanda on 3/30/2014


    This is a very nice cleanser. It takes off makeup easily, even eye makeup. I can use it even when my sensitive skin flares up.. Just one complaint, the new top is awful. The old pump was so nice and the new cap is cheap and you can't use one hand to dispense anymore. Please go back to the old pump!!!

  31. Absolutely Amazing

    by Gabrielle on 3/12/2014


    Just received this product today with my dry/sensitive skin regimen, and I must say after just the first use I'm already impressed. I automatically noticed it bringing all the disgusting stuff under my skin straight to the surface, so it can be washed away. I was also in shock as to how well it removed my stubborn water proof mascara ! I also used the Tropical Fruit scrub directly after washing with this cleanser and together they left my skin feeling unbelievably soft, I can't stop feeling my face.


    by Connie on 3/6/2014


    Wow I must say, this cleanser is better than good. The smell is just WOW!!! never used a cleanser that made my skin so soft and feel clean. It last forever and only takes a small amount. Once you try'll never try another cleanser. Had received so many compliments about my skin since using this product.Thanks for your Awesome Products.

  33. Wonderful!

    by Brianna on 3/6/2014


    This product totally evened out the redness in my skin and helped with my acne scars. I still get occasional hormonal breakouts, but this cleanser keep my face clear for the most part. Smells good too!

  34. Fantastic!

    by Rebekka on 2/6/2014


    This cleanser is so great! I have not breaken out from it, and my face feels so smooth and clean! And is smells so good!
    I like using this in the evening before going to bed.

  35. Love it!

    by Shizuma974 on 1/15/2014


    I freaking love the smell! It reminds me of orange marmalade ♥ It does live my skin fresh and clean. I will buy more of this in the future for sure!

  36. Finally found the perfect hydrating cleanser

    by Lindsey on 1/12/2014


    I have sensitive, blemish prone but dry skin and it has been impossible to find something that's soothing, moisturizing, exfoliating and won't leave me with rash but this product absolutely works! And it's so inexpensive for how long it lasts (I've had my bottle since September 2013 and it's now January 2014 and the bottle is half full). Perfect for dry skin in the winter. I've tried so many cleansing products (expensive organic to drugstore products) and nothing even comes close to comparing with this cleanser. I will never try anything else.

  37. Wonderful!

    by Janay on 1/10/2014


    This cleanser is a life saver!! My face is very dry and sensitive and this product really does clean my pores to the core! I love the smell and feel of it. I def recommend this product to anyone!

  38. Excellent

    by stuti on 12/6/2013


    It is an excellent cleanser. I love it more than the Charcoal cleanser coz it does not make my skin dry. Also, I have problems with acne leaving the blemishes on my face for a while and this in combination with the antibacterial toner keeps my acne and blemishes away. I am in love with this product. i have combination skin and this and the toner helps to control oil throughout the day.

  39. This is my obsession

    by Halle on 12/1/2013


    I have sensitive acne prone skin and boy has this made my skin happy! Normally don't use cleaners for makeup removers but this product removes every trace of it. I rave about Michael Todd daily! Highly recommend.

  40. So Happy I Tried This Cleanser!

    by Stevi on 11/23/2013


    As soon as I seen this I knew I had to have it! Honey and oat deep pore cleanser?- I think yes! I suffer from dry/sensitive skin and I have been using the Kiss My Face Olive Oil soap forever now.. It cleared up my complexion but left my skin so dry and tight! Not this cleanser, it is VERY gentle and does not strip my skin of whatsoever. Definitely will be repurchasing when current bottle is out, miracle worker. Must try!

  41. Wonderful product

    by Jessica on 11/21/2013


    I am so glad I decided to try this cleanser. At first I wasn't sure it would do the job, but having used it for a few weeks now I must say that I am truly pleased! I was using the Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser (a real nice cleanser by the way,) but it was a bit too strong for my skin. The Honey Oat Facial Wash is gentle yet effective. It is definitely something I will continue to use daily.

  42. I love it!

    by Kirsten on 11/19/2013


    I fell in love with it from the day I started using my sample kit. It really does what it claims, no irritation or drying of the skin. I order MTTO from Germany, as I do not know anything else here to compare with this wonderful gentle cleanser. The smell reminds me of a multivitamin sirup children use to get here in Germany: Sanostol ;-) Really great product!

  43. My new favorite cleanser!

    by Elaine on 11/18/2013


    I have stopped using all my other cleansers. This is my favorite of all time. It does a great job of removing all my makeup and is not irritating around my eye area at all. It has cleared up my skin in the past three weeks. It's really hard to find a foaming cleanser that doesn't leave my skin feeling tight and dry. I highly recommend!

  44. A MUST BUY!

    by Samantha on 10/20/2013


    At first when hearing about how this product takes all of your makeup off I was very skeptical! But I got the product anyways and I am very glad I did. It truly does work and leaves my skin feeling very clean but not dry. But this product you will not be disappointed!

  45. awesome cleanser

    by Kimberly on 10/11/2013


    Very gentle, non-drying, smells great, and cleans effectively. Can't wait to try the Charcoal one.

  46. IM IN LOVE!

    by issalovessyou on 10/10/2013


    I've been searching FOREVER for a gentle cleanser that cleans well and effectively removes makeup AND that does not dry out or irritate my acne prone sensitive skin! I've found my holy grail!

    On a small side note, As I previously stated, I have acne prone sensitive skin that's combination to dry, but mostly dry no matter what season it is. I'm reviewing this after using up two bottles already and it still works wonders! I'm definitely gonna be purchasing more, and I find myself buying them two bottles at a time because I'm THAT in love with this product!

    Four stars because I just wish they had individual travel friendly sizes for their cleansers!

  47. Great product

    by Michelle on 10/3/2013


    I recently purchased this product and so far it is fantastic! It completely takes any makeup (even eye makeup) off without making my skin feel dry and tight. My skin feels so soft after using this cleanser. Will definitely repurchase this product!

  48. Smells Amazing

    by Ash on 9/20/2013


    I just received this yesterday so I've only used it twice but I am in loveeeee! It smells sooo yummy mostly like honey and lathers very well. It doesn't over dry my skin either. =)

  49. Best

    by Sarahbear on 9/18/2013


    I am an 18 year old girl with acne, this cleans by skin without breaking me out even more, it is a total miracle!

  50. Good solid Cleanser

    by hanie on 9/18/2013


    I use this with my Mia clarisonic every other night and it has been awesome. The smell isn't over powering and it really does the trick since there are more natural ingredients. I purchased the discovery kit and glad I did so I could try everything. I was really impress with the quality of this product and how nice it left my skin feeling! I would definitely recommend this product to a friend!

  51. Fantastic Cleanser

    by Katie on 9/17/2013


    I have been using this product for about two weeks. This cleanser smells fantastic and foams up nicely. I have eczema and usually have to use a prescription cream, unfortunately it causes me to break out. Thanks to your amazing cleanser I have not needed to use my prescription for the past two weeks.

  52. Gentle and yet effective

    by Karen on 9/14/2013


    I love the smooth texture and creamy feel when I'm using it. However when I'm done my skin feels clean without feeling tight and dry. Is it weird to be excited to wash my face? Well I am!

  53. It's truly amazing!!

    by Kitteneyes on 8/2/2013


    Removes all the traces of makeup and smells heavenly. I am in love with this line.

  54. Awesome cleanser

    by Maiara on 7/31/2013


    I just love this cleanser. I can use it twice in a row and it won't leave my skin dry. Not that you will need to use it twice, unless you wear make up and sunscreen everyday like I do. Overall this cleanser is well worth the money.

  55. Love it!

    by Cecilia on 7/24/2013


    I absolutely love this cleanser and use it exclusively. It's gentle enough not to strip my skin of all the good oils but it also removes my makeup (even the heavy duty eye makeup). I'm definitely going to continue buying this cleanser. It's the best I've used and believe me, I've tried them all.

  56. Amazing Cleanser that doesn't strip your skin!

    by Olga on 7/23/2013


    This cleanser is just wonderful. I have been using it for two days both in the morning and at night. It does not strip your skin and leave it feeling it dry like other cleansers even organic ones. That was what really got my attention. The smell in pleasant. It takes off what you need to take off your skin, but keeps what your skin needs on. Overall, this cleanser had been amazing and is SO different from any cleanser you will try. Something worth buying!

  57. lts great except....

    by ultrablend99 on 7/18/2013


    This stuff is amazing. Started using it saw a difference within 3-4 days. Absolutely love it. However it burns my eye lids. I have tried it all kind of ways. When I dry my face after washing ,my eye lids are on fire. I love using the product but I cant take the pain. Would have given 5 stars but for the burning had to take away a star. I have oily to combination skin so bought the honey and oat face wash.

  58. Perfect Cleanser

    by Aida on 6/24/2013


    This cleanser is amazing! Finally a product that does what it says it's going to do!
    It takes all the makeup and dirt off of my face and leaves it feeling clean and soft and silky smooth! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  59. Amazing!

    by Haley on 6/17/2013


    I was using a facewash from my dermatologist with salicylic acid.. It was okay but I felt it was too harsh on my skin. I've been using the honey and oat cleanser for two weeks and my skin has completely cleared up to the point where I don't even need to wear makeup! It is not drying at all and makes my skin look and feel amazing!

  60. Absolutely amazing!

    by Lisa on 6/15/2013


    I absolutely love this cleanser not only its very gentle in my dry sensitive skin but it also removes makeup even water proof mascara. It cleans without drying the skin and smell great.

  61. Lovee

    by Mollie on 6/13/2013


    This is so amazing! I actually bought it on accident... But I was pleasantly surprised! It cleared up my acne!!

  62. LOVE

    by klnyc07 on 6/6/2013


    Simply the best. I started using Michael Todd products back in December 2012. I've never had a breakout since then (used to get a pimple before my period - now, nothing.). My skin has improved so much.

  63. Simply The Best

    by Burn on 5/30/2013


    Remove everything at once this cleanser is Amazing! and Organic WOW

  64. Great Product

    by Henrietta on 5/27/2013


    I have combination sensitive skin (oily T-zone, normal cheeks with the ocassional bout of excema on areas of my face and neck). It was suggested that I used this product for my skin type. I think this product is fabulous. It removes my makeup completely (using only 1/2 pump) and does a great job at removing my mascara (regular NOT waterproof). I loved it so much that after a couple of days I ordered another to have in the shower. After washing my face, it doesn't make my face feel taught


    by Kelly on 5/27/2013


    This product is truly amazing.. It smells so delicious.. And is a clear soapy consistency. Your face will be very clean and the most important is that eliminates ALL your MAKEUP is just magic. HIGHLY Recommended

  66. Perfectly perfect!:)

    by Randi on 5/27/2013


    This is the perfect cleanser for my oily/ sensitive/ combination skin! I love it! I want to try the charcoal one too!

  67. The perfect cleanser for sensitive skin

    by Anna on 5/23/2013


    I have a very sensitive skin, also irritation and redness prone. This is the best cleanser I have found so far :
    - Perfectly cleanse the skin and remove make up
    - Ideal texture, not too thick, not too thin
    - Foams well, but not too much
    - Rinses easily
    - Wonderful fresh scent but doesn't irritate the skin
    - Doesn't leave the skin dry or tight at all
    - A tiny amount goes for the whole face
    I already used it for 6 month and I noticed a real improvement of my skin. I love it!

  68. Takes everything off!

    by StrewberryBlonde on 5/21/2013


    I have combination skin, that has started to become sensitive over the last few months. Everything makes me brake out, or doesn't take all the makeup off (and I don't really use a lot either!).
    I've tried Liz Earle, Bioderma, all the cult faves. They were nice, but I used this one today and it took all my mascara off, no trouble, no hassle, nothing! And it agrees with my skin. This might become a HG product...

  69. Great for my skin, but I don't care for the smell.

    by Rachelle on 5/18/2013


    I am 26 and pregnant and I bought the Normal/Combination Skin Discover Kit about a month ago. I have been loving a few of the products including this cleanser. It takes off my makeup, including my waterproof mascara and doesn't dry my out skin or burn my eyes. I don't care for the citrus scent, but I am willing to overlook that and will repurchase. I am pleased to say that since I have started using the MTTO Honey & Oat Cleanser, Blue Green Algae Toner, and Citrus Cream Moisturizer, I have not broken out. This is HUGE for me as I have had troubled skin since I was 15. This cleanser is definitely worth the money.

  70. Gotta love it !!

    by Ginny on 5/17/2013


    Superb cleanser for my dry skin. I am giving it to gfs as presents this year!! Wonderful clean fragrance and super clearning properties. Thank you for pricing it so reasonably !

  71. Love it~

    by Ruby from Hong Kong on 5/9/2013


    It's smell so GOOOOOOD!! This product is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! It takes ALL my makeup off by just using a little amount!! Feel so gooood!! Love it Love it Love it!! :)

  72. Excellent Cleanser

    by Murat on 4/30/2013


    Im a male with Normal/combination skin. Ive been using this cleanser for a month now and dont think i will ever change cleansers again. Ive been using a Lancome cleanser for the last 6 years and now making the switch. My skin is softer and feels really clean without over drying. i use this in conjuction with the blue algea toner and have not had a blemish in 1 month. This is a great cleanser.. 10/10

  73. BEST cleanser I've tried!!!

    by Megan on 4/7/2013


    This is the besy cleanser i've tried so far and it takes off all of my makeup and I love using it with my clarisonic mia 2 and im going to to repurchase this because its AMAZING and i love it so much!! Also recommend it to people

  74. Amazing

    by Kelsey on 3/27/2013


    Takes all my makeup off in just one use and leaves my skin very soft and clean feeling. Have not had a breakout sense I started using this product. Knock on wood. Truly my favorite.

  75. pretty good!

    by abbyrand on 3/26/2013


    When I first tried this, I was so impressed! It's very soft and removed all of my makeup! It's very gentle to the eyes. Also, it feels so good when I put it on my face! After, I felt my face and it felt baby soft!! the reason i gave this 4 stars is because it doesn't smell very great (in my opinion).

  76. Removes all my makeup =)

    by Sara on 3/25/2013


    Been using this cleanser for a week now and I love it. Leaves my face feeling clean and fresh, and best of all removes ALL my makeup. I no longer need to use makeup removing wipes before I wash my face!

  77. Leaves skin feeling so soft

    by Flower on 3/4/2013


    I have normal to combination skin. I get oily on my t-zone, but have dry patches on my skin. I have used this cleanser for two days now day and night and I can already feel the difference in my skin. My makeup glides on beautifully now since I don't have those patches of dry skin and I even feel like it helped my oiliness.. I'm absolutely in love with this product!

  78. Great product!!

    by Julie on 2/27/2013


    I heard many good things about it and it really is a great cleanser! It leaves my skin very soft and clean. Highly recommend!!

  79. Clean so pure

    by Tanya on 1/20/2013


    I use this awesome cleanser twice a day, in the morning and before i go to bed. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you so much Michael Todd!!

  80. The BEST Cleanser!!!

    by Pa on 1/12/2013


    This product is amazing! It gets all the makeup and other junk off your face leaving your skin feeling fresh and supple! Highly recommended!

  81. Cleans great

    by ShannonC on 1/3/2013


    I love using this cleanser with my Clarisonic, it cleans and gets rid of makeup really well without making skin feel dry. Love the smell too.

  82. Just perfect

    by Carolina on 12/11/2012


    After trying 5 or 6 different cleansers from well known brands, i have to share my experience about the honey and oat cleanser. This is the only product that leaves my face clean and soft and smelling good. Highly recommended!

  83. Just amazing!

    by Angela on 12/6/2012


    This product is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I started to see results in 2 days. JUST 2 days! & I do not regret buying this product. The smell of the cleanser smells so nice and fresh. And I love the fact that it removes ALL your makeup & i've tried THOUSANDS of cleansers and this is far THE BEST I have ever used. Definetly repurchasing in the future!

  84. very gentle

    by Charlee on 9/26/2012


    Cuts through make up, leaves my skin feeling super clean but never feeling dried out. Great balance of deep cleaning and gentleness, very soothing too. I love the smell, I love the way the bottle looks, I just really love this cleanser. I told several of my friends about it and one of them bought this and loves it like I do. I'm going to try some of the masks now so I will let you know what I think about those as well :)

  85. Bees are gonna wonder where I got their stuff

    by Green eyes on 9/11/2012


    Nice product that cuts through all of my makeup ( yeah, I kinda wear a lot) yet leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. Foams up nicely, washes off good, overall a fantastic cleanser. I also like that you don't need a lot to get the job done so it's economical too. Love the smell too =}

  86. Great for combo skin too

    by Talisha on 9/7/2012


    Since this product says it's good for all skin types and I have combination skin I decided to give it a try. I was very pleased with the results and now my skin seems to actually be dare I say it? normal! How can this be? I don't care you guys did it, all I know is that I will never use anything else.

  87. Not only does it smell great but it removes all of my makeup

    by Lisa on 9/1/2012


    I bought this about a month ago and love how it washes away all of the makeup and the dirt, leaving my skin feeling so clean. I tend to have dry skin but this product has evened it out. The best part is that this is all natural because I hate putting chemicals on my face. I don't usually write reviews but I had to tell everyone about how much I love this. Thanks!

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