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Nourishing Body Oil

What it is:

A hydrating body oil formulated with Organic Soybean Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Lavender Essential Oil and Vitamin E.

What it is formulated to do:

Provides skin with a fresh dose of emolient and omega-rich natural oils for all over body moisturizing. Leaves skin feeling soft and supple with a radiant glow.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
-Water or Cheap Fillers
-Artificial Dyes
-Synthetic Fragrance
-Mineral Oil

What else you need to know:
All Skin Types
300 ml / 10.1 fl oz


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Benefits & Key Ingredients 

Organic Soybean Oil

  • A protein-rich oil that sought after for its anti-aging benefits
  • Moisturizes without leaving a greasy residue


Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice 

  • One of nature’s most beneficial ingredients for skin, known for its moisturizing & soothing properties


Lavender Essential Oil

  • Provides a calming aromatic essence


Vitamin E

  • Nutrient and antioxidant-rich to protect the skin’s youthful look


Massage into skin whenever needed. Ideal for use after your shower or bath to hydrate. Also may be used while you bathe by adding a generous amount to your bath to moisturize skin while you soak.



Glycine Soja (Organic Soybean) Oil, Aloe (Organic Aloe) Leaf Powder, Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Essential Oil

Information on Ingredients: We are constantly updating the ingredients in our products to bring you the most effective and natural skin care, without cheap water fillers, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors or synthetic fragrances. The above listing represents the current up to date formulation for this product. Due to long lead times for production of our packaging, the ingredients listing on the package may not reflect all current ingredients. Refer to the ingredients listing on our website for the most up to date information on ingredients.



  1. Love the product, not the packaging

    by Gina on 2/11/2016


    Cons first since there's only one - the packaging. As with a lot of other Michael Todd products, everyone's major complaint is never the product - it's always the packaging. No different with this one. The oil is, well, oily. The bottle is slick to hold with oil on your hands, so makes it difficult to keep a hold of. Also, the cap is flimsy and worthless. Mine broke the first time I opened it. A worthless cap on a bottle of oil is not a great thing.

    Pros - the oil is amazing! It's a tad thicker than baby oil, and doesn't smell as great, but once you put it on, the smell dissipates anyway. I've always moisturized, so have rather healthy skin to begin with, BUT the way your skin feels after using this oil can't be described in words. Your skin has the moisture and flexibility that it should have (better than you thought you had). It makes stretch marks feel great, too. I don't put my clothes on directly after applying is an oil. It absorbs rather quickly, but I prefer not risking ruining my clothes. My teen daughter is now hooked on the way it makes her skin feel, too. She's ALWAYS moisturized daily before, yet I've noticed my bottle keeps disappearing each day. Have to buy some more now.

  2. Great for stretch marks

    by Olivia on 12/28/2015


    This product is very moisturizing and the scent is soothing for nighttime. It has also faded my stretch marks a lot since using it

  3. Amazing!

    by Audra on 12/15/2015


    I use this as a body moisturizer, add it to my bath water, and use it to shave my legs. The lavender and aloe Vera are so calming and soothing. The skin on my body gets very dry and this amazing oil is just what I needed.

  4. Fantastic product, "meh" bottle cap

    by Vicky on 3/28/2015


    I'm gonna have to go with the crowd here. The cap for this bottle sucks the big purple one, it leaves everything messy unless you carefully wipe off the flip-top afterwards. BUT!!!

    If you care solely about product performance, this is your jewel. I'd been using a homemade mixture of coconut oil, rosehip seed oil and 10 drops of lavender essential oil for an all-over-the-body moisturizer, and when I came across this, I was curious whether it would give equal/better results with a less "greasy" after feel.

    This product did exactly that. I will purchase another bottle for sure, DESPITE this poorly thought-out flip cap, because the oil itself is fabulous and makes my skin look like I came back from Carnival in Brazil. And yes, the lavender scent is potent in this product, BUT...if you're like me and enjoy the scent of lavender, you're going to love it.

    I'm 28yrs old, African American, oily/combo in the face, dry skin all over body ---in case somebody out there wanted to compare themselves to me as a user of the product. And no, I do NOT use this on my face. Only body. Hope this helps.

  5. Great stuff

    by Amee on 12/28/2014


    I really like this oil, It's perfect for sunburnt skin but even better is it treats my eczema and rashes!
    I had a wax and afterwards broke out in a nasty rash, I put this on and it took the itchyness away immediately! Then the next morning the rash was gone completely. The only thing I would change about it is the smell, it smells quite strongly of lavender which I wasn't expecting. Other than that it's a great multipurpose product that I will repurchase :)

  6. Moisturizing but too strong

    by april on 10/15/2014


    I really wanted to like this but its a miss for me. It is very moisturizing and I love that so that's why I gave it 3 stars. However the smell of it is VERY strong and overpowering. It smells like medicine or something like that..The only way I would repurchase this is if they made it with a lighter fragrance like grapefruit essential oil..I think that would be perfect..Or lower the amount of fragrance they currently use.

  7. Overnight results!!

    by Janelle on 8/22/2014


    As a child my siblings and I would get scrapes & cuts and our aunt had aloe Vera plants growing and we used it to heal our wounds. Just a few weeks ago my brother burned his arm very badly and I purchased this lovely scented oil (my mom had lavender oil that smelled this amazing)and he has used it everyday and just like our aunts plant his arm is healing overnight with it. Found my holy grail skin products!TY MT!

  8. Amazing for Sunburns

    by Bernadette on 8/13/2014


    The ability to use organic products is wonderful! Thanks Michael Todd! I'm so used to the aloe gel in stores with additives and artificial coloring. This stuff is SO much better!

    I bring it on all my trips and vacations because my boyfriend is very fair-skinned and always burns... this works great for him! I myself use it as an everyday moisturizer, and it keeps my skin so soft! If I could change one thing it would be to eliminate the lavender or have an aloe option without the lavender. I'm just not a fan of things so strongly scented, but it still works great!

  9. The best ever !!!

    by ShareeG on 7/10/2014


    This oil works wonders!! It helps with dry skin, creates smoothing ness, helps to brighten, & it practically does everything! I use this on my skin everyday. Although I have combination skin I can use it on my face. It heals the dark marks & literally the oil absorbs right into my skin w/o any breakouts or leaving my skin oily!! My brother even loves it !!

  10. Great Product

    by Amanda on 6/14/2014


    I used this oil after shaving and found that it totally prevented razor burn and irritation, though that wasn't why I bought it. It smells great, maybe a little stronger than I expected. My only complaint is the bottle, as others have mentioned. BUT I was also VERY impressed my MTTO's quick shipping.

  11. Bottle

    by Heidi on 4/14/2014


    I love the product, but hate the packaging. I would give the product 5 starts but the packaging a 1 start. I agree with an above reviewer...maybe put it into a spray bottle or even the same bottle with a different cap.

  12. great but messy

    by Shai on 3/7/2014


    I like this product. It is very soothing very moisturizing to the helps the itchiness due to dry skin and weather.. The only thing I dont like is the is so messy even though I am trying to be careful on pouring it to my hand it will still scattered everywhere..It doesnt give the exact amount of oil that I need coz it got splattered all over the floor and dont want that coz its a waste..I wish you can resolve the packaging problem..maybe put it in a pump bottle like what in a big lotion has..or a spray maybe to control the amount of oil into what we need..

  13. Would be a Great Spray!!

    by Koneil on 1/11/2014


    Awesome oil, can even be compared to other high-end oils! Tried because i was a huge skeptic & LOVE now that i am a believer. Great prevention treatment.

  14. Feels great!

    by Rosie on 12/17/2013


    Awesome product, especially for winter.
    Zaps dry skin fast. Agree with previous reviews...bottle needs a little work. But great product.

  15. messy

    by Araceli on 9/23/2013


    I like the product, but it is messy. Michael Todd needs to figure out a better way to put on the skin. Maybe a spray on? Otherwise, it smells great and leaves the skin shinny and soft.

  16. Great but messy

    by Green tea on 7/30/2013


    I agree with the previous posters abt the lid and plan to transfer it to another bottle myself, perhaps one with an eye dropper. It's just too messy pouring the product out from the bottle. I really like the smell of it and it feels very soothing and hydrating on the skin so far. I can see this bottle is going to last for a while.

  17. Great Product

    by Sanne on 6/28/2013


    Love the product, but wish it would be in a mister/spray kind of bottle. Very messy. I am going to transfer to my own.

  18. Great product but messy

    by Drew on 6/16/2013


    This smells and feels great and while I do really appreciate that MTTO was trying to address the mess by the design of the cap I find it still to be really messy. Its ok, I just use it more carefully and when I have the time to deal with it. Left my skin soft, smooth and possibly more even in color.

  19. Soothing

    by Deborah on 6/10/2013


    I fell in love with this oil. I teach water aerobics 4 hours a week and the chlorine has been very hard on my skin. This oil has stopped the itchiness and red spots. Organic Aloe sinks right into your skin leaving it soft and moist.. I am definitely going to order more!

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