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INTENSIVE Cream Eye Treatment Contextual Image

INTENSIVE Cream Eye Treatment

Haloxyl™, Eyeliss™ and Matrixyl™ Complex

What it is:

An anti-aging eye treatment formulated with Matrixyl™ 3000, Haloxyl™, Eyeless™ & nourishing Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice.

What it is formulated to do:
Improves visible signs of aging around the eye area with cutting edge ingredients to improve the appearance of fine lines, under eye darkness and puffiness. Provides nourishing hydration paired with peptides and botanical extracts to restore a youthful appearance.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
-Water or Cheap Fillers
-Artificial Dyes
-Synthetic Fragrance
-Mineral Oil

What else you need to know:

May be used alone or with the Sonic Eraser for additional anti-aging benefits.
All Skin Types 
15 ml/ .5 fl oz


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Benefits & Key Ingredients

Haloxyl™ (Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7)

  • A blend of peptides to improve the appearance of darkness under the eye area


Eyeliss™ (Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Dipeptide-2, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7)

  • A blend of peptides and a bioflavinoid to improve the appearance of under eye puffiness


Matrixyl 3000(Palmitoyl Oligopeptide & Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7) 

  • A blend of two peptides to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and firmness


Hyaluronic Acid

  • A water-binding molecule that provides non greasy hydration to the skin’s surface


Vitamin E

  • An antioxidant-rich nutrient that provides multiple benefits for the skin


Evening Primrose Oil

  • Contains Omega 6’s and antioxidants to improve the look and feel of skin


Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

  • One of nature’s mostbeneficial ingredients for skin, known for its moisturizing & soothing properties



Gently spread INTENSIVE Cream Eye Treatment along the ocular ridge and work in with gentle finger tapping and upward circular motions. Avoid pulling the skin around the eyes. For advanced performance, allow for absorption before applying moisturizer, SPF and makeup. Use day and night and as needed. In the event cream gets into eyes, flush with water.

For additional anti-aging benefits, apply INTENSIVE Cream Eye Treatment with the Sonic Eraser.


Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Organic Aloe Vera) Juice, Olea Europaea (Organic Olive) Fruit Oil, Organic Extracts of Lavandula x Intermedia (Organic Lavender) Flower (and) Aspalathus Linearis (Organic Rooibos) Leaf (and) Calendula Officinalis (Organic Calendula) Flower (and) Organic Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae (Organic Blue Green Algae) (and) Punica Granatum (Organic Pomegranate) Seed, Simmondsia Chinensis (Organic Jojoba) Seed Oil, Emulsifying Wax NF, Water (and) Glycerin (and) Steareth-20 (and) N-hydroxysuccinimide (and) Chrysin (and) Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide- 7 (Eyeliss®) (3% concentration), Glycerin (and) Butylene Glycol (and) Water (and) Carbomer (and) Polysorbate-20 (and) Palmitoyl Oligopeptide (and) Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3 (3% Matrixyl 3000®), Water (and) Glycerin (and) Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone (and) Steareth-20 (and) Dipeptide-2 (and) Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 (Haloxyl®) (3% concentration), Stearic Acid, Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Organic Lavender) Distillate, Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid), Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Oil, Xanthan Gum


Information on Ingredients: We are constantly updating the ingredients in our products to bring you the most effective and natural skin care, without cheap water fillers, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors or synthetic fragrances. The above listing represents the current up to date formulation for this product. Due to long lead times for production of our packaging, the ingredients listing on the package may not reflect all current ingredients. Refer to the ingredients listing on our website for the most up to date information on ingredients.


42 Reviews For "INTENSIVE Cream Eye Treatment"

  1. Fantastic

    by Heidi on 3/24/2016


    This is the eye cream is the BEST!! I have contact dermatitis on my eyelids and have tried everything from ointment prescribed by dermatologist to over the counter medication, all of those burned on my eyelids. This has truly been a God send to me, my eyelids healed within 2 days and I would never be without this product. The first tube I received needed to be primed and when I contacted customer service they immediately rectified the problem. I will never be without this again. Hope this can help others.

  2. Only read ingredient list!!

    by Inga on 1/4/2016


    You guys!..This is the BEST eye cream I have ever tried in my entire life. I repurchase it over and over, because I really see how it works wonders on my under-eye lines (Im 31 and they already are pretty visible). Just read the ingredient list and see for yourself how organic and natural this stuff is. I am simply in love with this Michael Todd's creation!

  3. amazing product, dislike the packaging

    by megster on 3/23/2015


    Since I am an 18 year old girl, I don't necessarily struggle with fine lines just yet, however, due to long study and party nights and early school mornings, I do struggle with dark circles.

    This product seems to work wonders with dark circles and my under eyes have never felt so moisturized! 5 hours later and the product is still there and feels like its doing its job.

    The only thing I would change about this product is the packaging though. It is large for no reason as there is only 15ml in it, so why waste all that packaging? Also, I would believe that the plastic applicator is present to smooth the product onto your under eye area, however it just seems to scratch my skin and does not work at all. So now, I just use my fingers as it seems to be the best way to use it.

    Overall, great product and I highly recommend!

  4. I can't use it.

    by Kristina on 3/11/2015


    I've tried this product for a few weeks, but I had to discontinue using it. This product causes my eyes to burn and water, so that I am no longer able to use it. There is some ingredient in there that is a bit too strong to wear around the eye area.

  5. Great eye cream, terrible packaging

    by Jen on 2/27/2015


    I bought the anti-aging regimen which includes this eye cream. I'm happy with the results I've seen after using this product for three weeks. The skin around my eyes wasn't in really bad shape to begin with, it was just dry and starting to get shallow wrinkles which other (cheaper drugstore) products were not improving. This cream moisturizes very well and those shallow lines have puffed up and virtually disappeared. A tiny amount is all that is needed as the cream spreads very well.
    Now about the packaging. I hate it. Two days after recieving it the tall and very slim plastic bottle was knocked over and out of the bathroom cabinet as I was taking something else out. It hit the counter top and then hit the floor. The outer plastic portion of the bottle broke off and the cap broke as well, leaving just the inner see-through container which holds the cream remaining. The bottle is too tall and slim which makes it very unstable. After two weeks of use the pump stopped working. Since all that remains of my bottle is the see-through container I could see that there was still plenty of cream left to be used. When I took the pump off I found that the portion of the tube that connects to the pump to bring up the product when you press the pump is very short and not nearly long enough to reach all of the product! So now I will finish off the last of my eye cream by dipping a Q-tip into it. For the amount of money they charge for this product, the packaging should be so much more effective, stable and durable than it seems to be.

  6. Meh

    by Eilonwy on 2/9/2015


    I love all the previous Michael Todd products I've ever purchased before, but this just didn't make the cut unfortunately. It does immediately cool my eyes and slightly reduces puffiness I think, but didn't do an ounce of good for my dark circles. I'm 24 and tried this for a few months now.

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this eye cream

    by Marcella. Barros, Florida and Colorado. on 9/16/2014


    I'm 62 years old so I've tried all sorts of skin care over the years. This is the best!!! I love that Michael Todd products are organic. And I really appreciate that the customer service department not only uses the products but they are passionate and knowledgable about them. I feel like Peggy and Anthony are personal friends of mine after speaking to them a few times. I am in marketing and will be referring everyone to Michael Todd!! Thanks so much for your quality products. I'd love to do product demos for you.....

  8. Adore the product but the packaging needs redesigning

    by Hannah on 5/19/2014


    I get eczema on my eyelids, and this is one of the only eye creams to help completely eliminate it, as well as soften the fine lines around my eyes. It's absolutely wonderful in the winter, and great in the summer if you keep it in the fridge.
    The tall, slim packaging makes it extremely prone to falling over. When you're doing your skincare routine, the last thing you want is your high quality eyecream to topple and fall off the counter, dirtying the applicator and potentially snapping it off all together and thus rendering the product spoiled and useless. A thicker and shorter package design would eliminate this issue!

  9. Hydrating

    by Ash on 4/30/2014


    I've been using this product for a while now and i do love that's it's very hydrating under the eye however i haven't seen any improvement of my dark circles! :(

  10. Wonderful but...

    by Saya on 4/2/2014


    Loved the product itself however the pump stopped working after about a week. Tried running it under hot water and everything but it just won't dispense any more product and I doubt there's none left after only a few uses. Rethink the packaging maybe? Other than that the eye cream is amazing!


    by kayla on 3/27/2014


    I purchased this about 4 months ago, and I ran out......I didn't think I would fall in love with this product because 1. it is pricey, 2. the packaging is not practical at all, but the product itself is absolutely amazing. Since I ran out, I was constantly trying to find a new eye cream, and so far nothing compares to this one! It absolutely worked for me! Give it a try! Chances are it will work for you as well!

  12. Moisturizing

    by Krissy on 3/17/2014


    I have been using this cream for about 2 weeks now and I think it is very moisturizing which I need in these winter months. I haven't noticed any drastic change from my dark circles so much which was what I was hoping. It has however seemed to help a little with my fine lines around my eyes. I agree with previous complaints about the packaging. The pump is hard to control so most of the time I get too much product and end up wasting some of it. I am not sure if I will purchase this again unless I use it strictly just for moisture.

  13. Amazing

    by Liz on 12/28/2013


    This is one of the best products for eyes I've used, ever. I'm 28 but have always had blueish purple circles under my eyes. Grad school hasn't made that much better! So I've used all sorts of crap trying to hide it and have probably spent a small fortune on eye creams and concealer. The only thing I've used that came close to this was a La Prairie sample I had- and who can afford that?! I've got the very beginnings of some fine lines under my eyes, and they're definitely softening after just a couple weeks of use, and my dark circles have improved a lot. I use less concealer and almost feel like I could get away with just foundation. Such a great product and worth every penny. Also, it doesn't burn or sting my eyes. Even Roc's sensitive skin retinol stuff really irritates my eyes.

    I just really wish they'd change the packaging. I hate the cap, I hate that you can't see how much is left, and the applicator is a joke. I really think the nicer tip should just be a part of it instead of sold separately, and I wish it was a squeeze tube so I can control the amount better. That is the ONLY reason I'm not giving this 5 stars, because really the product itself is so good I'd rate it 10 out of 5 stars, haha.

  14. Great

    by lovebug on 11/27/2013


    This product is my fav eye cream out there! I will always stick to repurchasing this. The only negative thing I have to say is the packaging I wish they could change it to either a jar or a squeeze tube. The packaging right now is difficult to use up all the product. and just too long and bulky,

  15. Convert

    by Yvet on 11/13/2013


    I was brought to this brand by a You tube blogger Melissa Raymond (Melmphs). She raved about it in the enthusiastic make you LOL kind of way making me want to give it a try. I have been forever changed. I am almost 40 dry/sensitive skin and hormonal acne and also started to get fine lines around my eyes and had a super annoying expression line running diagonal in the eye area also. Lets just say I'm going through a midlife skin crisis! A couple of days ago I was examining myself in the mirror of the visor of my van ready to see all the things wrong with my face in the bright sun light when I noticed I had no fine lines... NONE! Not even the diagonal crease, it was all gone! I even looked again tonight and I can't believe my eyes. You must try. I am definitely getting my mother to try this! IT'S AMAZING!! Thanks Michael Todd and Melmphs :)

  16. Good Stuff

    by Debra on 10/21/2013


    This has been a great find. No irritation for my sensitive eyes as well as the much needed moisture I needed. My only complaint is the packaging as it sometimes releases more product than needed and you can't see when you're getting low.

  17. silky

    by Karen on 9/14/2013


    Yes the packaging is a little odd but the product is amazing. Its silky and very hydrating. Maybe too hydrating for people with oily skin I'm not sure but its perfect for this dry skin girl.

  18. Best out there

    by Jennifer on 8/29/2013


    I have tried MANY eye creams(most are expensive). None come close to the quality and results this provides!! I saw/felt results after 1 day. I've seen nothing but results ever since. I'll continue to buy as long as its available..

  19. Wow!

    by Amalie on 8/27/2013


    I bought this eye cream together with rest of the dry sensitive skin regiment, and this has been the most outstanding product! Since I started using Michael Todd, the overall appearance of my skin has become flawless. Especially my eye area. I have suffered from eczema since I was about 3 years old. It gave my dry and red patches around my eyes and as if that wasn't enough, I had these ugly creases under my eyes. I have used different medical creams to get rid of my eczema, but this is the only thing that has cleared it out COMPLETELY. Even the creases has gone away even though my doctor told me that there was nothing to do about it. I don't even need under eye concealer anymore, because my blue-ish under eyes has faded soooo much. Thank you Michael Todd!

  20. great

    by rp on 7/8/2013


    I used to use bobbi brown extra repair eyecream which is almost less than double the price of this. THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER. I actually can see a difference around my eyes. I don't know what exactly it is but when I used my other eye cream I didn't notice much except that it prevent the skin around my eyes from being dry. This eye cream seems to kind of make my skin a little more tough if that makes sense. Def will repurchase when I'm done. I barely have to use much. probably a 5th of a pump.

  21. I love this stuff!

    by Sarah on 6/17/2013


    After using this product for over 3 months, I have definitely noticed a difference in my dark circles and under-eye puffiness. I have tried many eye creams in the past, and this is the best one that I have found so far. My only suggestion is that MTTO change the packaging. I like the style of the pump, but the product would be even better if it came in a squeezable tube so that less product would be left over and wasted.

  22. Love the eye cream, hate the packaging.

    by Mayra on 6/15/2013


    I really enjoy using this eye cream. It absorbs right away but still leaves a light glow under the eyes, at first looks a bit oily but in a good way. This is great for someone like myself with dry skin. However my #1 complain is the packaging, although I LOVE that it comes in a pump, I hate that the cap wont stay on. I would love to see it stay in a pump but maybe with a better cap?
    Overall great eye cream!

  23. Great product

    by Maca on 5/22/2013


    I have heavy looking bags under my eyes (thanks, dad!) so no other product was able to provide any help - until now! I just reordered it :-) The only thing that I dont like is the the fact that you cant tell when you're close to running out of the product so I ran out :( now I wait for my shipment...Maybe they'll change the packaging? Great product, overall.

  24. WOW

    by Solmaz on 4/22/2013


    This is a perfect organic eye cream which helped a lot with my very fine lines and very bad dark circles around my eyes. I actually also noticed that it reduced my puffiness. I am 28 eyes old but since I am PhD and do a lot of research with computer my eyes always looked dull and tired but now they are glowing :)


    by Stephanie on 4/13/2013


    At first, I did not believe it because I've tried several products in the past without any results. After two weeks, I started to see results! I thought I could never get rid of my dark circles and purple bags under my eyes. I'm totally in love with this product I did not hesitate for two seconds to buy the complete set for me and my mother.

    I can not wait to receive my new order.

    I am very happy to have found this site and this cream.


  26. Best Eye Cream I've Ever Tried

    by Casey on 3/14/2013


    Honestly, this is the first review that I have ever written about any kind of skin care product. I am a skin care junkie and often try different brands, products, etc. This is the first eye cream that I have found that I absolutely love. I have tried many different eye creams but have not found many that are also meant for my eye lid. I have extremely dry eye lids but my eyes are also very sensitive and this is the first cream that has truly hydrated and not irritated my eyes. I only use it at night, and my eyes stay hydrated all day. It almost feels like a healing ointment to me. I absolutely love this product and am done trying out other eye creams!!!

  27. love it but..

    by Nadiya on 2/8/2013


    This product has really good ingredients. The fine lines under my eyes are beginning to fade after about 3 months.
    Overall I really love this product but I can only use it once a day because it is way to oily to wear under eye makeup.

  28. Great product !!

    by Geena on 11/13/2012


    My under eye bags were so dry that I could not even use concealer. But after using this product, my eye area has been super soft. And I've tried many eye creams (I previously used kiehls and benefit and Clinique) but this is the only product I found that worked right away. Now my under eye is not dry or flaky anymore but I can't say I found my wrinkles to be gone. Now, I'm only 19 years old but I do have puffiness under my eyes and in not sure if they disappeared but if you suffer from dry skin, I totally recommend. Also I've only been using this product for 2 weeks so I'm not sure if this will help in time or not. I just wanted to write this because I absolutely love it. !

  29. Fantastic

    by Neela on 10/29/2012


    My dark circles have disappeared like magic! You can also feel the skin around your eye area tighten. It's totally worth the investment. My eyes loves this stuff! It sinks right in, moisturizes, doesn't irritate or sting my sometimes-sensitive eye area and looks natural under makeup.

  30. OmG

    by Sweetie on 10/16/2012


    I bought this cuz I know the other Michael Todd stuff is da bomb. I don't have a lot of wrinkles yet and I wanted to make sure I don't get them neither. This stuff actually made my eyes look a lot brighter and more awake. I really love the applicator and the pretty container. Very cool product.

  31. works

    by Cali on 10/16/2012


    does not feel heavy or oily under the eye, in fact you can only feel it by touching the area with a finger tip. Putting concealer afterwards works great: there is no more dry creases and/or gatherings of color crumbs. The creme stays on all day, and concealer does not end up looking like plaster by the evening

  32. I can't believe it

    by Sofia on 10/10/2012


    I get occasional small eczema breakouts on my eyelids and they get really dry. This cream cleared it up in three days completely. I wasn't expeciting that. I was using it for the dryness only.

  33. good find

    by Maryanne B. on 10/1/2012


    I have been looking for a product to reduce the puffiness under my eyes. I saw somewhere that rhodiola rosea reduces the puffiness so I tried this cream.

  34. great product

    by Nikki on 9/26/2012


    I like that this eye cream is not greasy and dries fast. I can apply makeup right away. It helped with the puffiness under my eyes!

  35. No more crows feet!

    by Jixer on 9/11/2012


    I hate crows feet, made me feel like I was getting old or something, yuck! A friend told me about the Michael Todd stuff so I gave it a whirl and I'm really impressed! I can't believe how it reduced the lines around my eyes. I was once a smoker so I also had lines around my mouth. I figured what the heck and slathered some around there and it looks like it's lightened up on those lines too. Pretty cool!

  36. really reduced the dark circles

    by Rumi on 9/6/2012


    I have a darker skin tone so when I started getting dark circles under my eyes, they were really dark. I bought this product 2 months ago and have seen a significant reduction in the darkness under my eyes. I have tried other things, even the stuff that you see on the infomercials that claim to reduce the darkness but none of them worked. Maybe it's the fact that it's organic and my body reacts better to things that are natural, I don't know. All I know is that I never want to be without it.

  37. Fountain of youth?

    by Tracy on 8/30/2012


    I've been using this product for about 3 weeks and I thought my eyes looked different but I needed confirmation. Well last night I ran into a friend that I haven't seen in a few months and all she kept asking was what I did different to my face because I looked younger and more rested. I finally had to tell her about this product because it is too good to keep secret. Thanks for developing a fountain of youth for my eyes!

  38. Hydrating

    by Valarie on 8/16/2012


    Puffy/baggy and dark eyes seem to run in my family but this product does wonders! My mom and I both use this. The results show quicker than any other product I have used for this. Keep in mind...its not a cover-up it is clinical and very hydrating cream used to diminish circles over time (although my results showed within 1-2 days). We both love it

  39. for zombies

    by kayDee on 8/8/2012


    Let me start off by saying that I have some of the worst under eye circles ever! I have suffer from lack of sleep ( I am a teenager), and have serious hereditary dark circles anyways. I also have a vein running under my eye very close to the surface that creates a black eye effect; many concerned teachers have asked who gave me my black eye.
    This product has helped SO MUCH! I ordered it probably around 6 weeks ago and already I have seen a larger difference. My under eye circles are greatly diminished, and I no longer look like a zombie

  40. exceeded my expectations

    by NYgurl10 on 8/2/2012


    never have high expectations of eye treatments, because my under-eye circles are caused by allergies and genetics, and there's only so much that can be done about them. But I've noticed that the circles are smaller and not as intense or deep since I started using this product. I was pleasantly surprised

  41. no surgery

    by Fantasia on 7/31/2012


    This product is a must have if u want to minimize dark circles! I have very dark circles under my eyes and it makes me look healthier and not so tired all the time. Some people have even asked me if I had lazer surgery to minimize my dark circles! Pretty kewl

  42. shocked

    by Pat on 7/21/2012


    I have wrinkles under my eyes, not fine lines. Not happy about it so decided to get this product as a preventative of them getting worse. Applied it in the morning, in the evening I was taking off my eye makeup and was shocked. Those wrinkles were visibly diminished after one use! I took a few pictures of the area just to be sure I wasn't crazy. Days later I am absolutely in love with this product. I've been telling anyone who would listen to buy this stuff.

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