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Blue Green Algae

Balancing Toner

What it is:

A soothing toner that promotes skin balance which is formulated with Organic Kelp, Blue Green Algae, Black Willow Bark Extract and Hyaluronic Acid in a soothing base of 100% Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice.   


What it is formulated to do:
Wipes away any residual impurities left behind by your cleanser and enhances freshly cleansed pores with calming minerals, fortifying nutrients and ingredients to promote balance for a healthier looking complexion.


What it is formulated WITHOUT:
-Water or Cheap Fillers
-Artificial Dyes
-Synthetic Fragrance
-Mineral Oil


What else you need to know:
ntended for All Skin Types. Especially beneficial for oily and blemish-prone skin.  Alcohol-Free

250 ml/ 8.4 fl oz

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  • Directions
  • Ingredients
  • Reviews


Benefits & Key Ingredients


Organic Kelp

     • Rich in hydrating minerals to moisturize and soothe

     • Helps to cleanse pore-clogging impurities


Blue Green Algae

     • Rich in amino acids and fatty acids for healthier looking skin

     • Enhances the complexion with sea-based nutrients


Black Willow Bark

  • Promotes balance in the skin for a more even look
  • Helps remove excess oil from the skin’s surface
  • Improves the appearance of uneven tone, texture and enlarged pores


Hyaluronic Acid

  • A water-binding molecule to provide hydration for a firmer look
  • Moisturizes without leaving a greasy residue


Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

  • One of nature’s most beneficial ingredients for skin, known for its moisturizing & soothing properties


After cleansing, apply a small amount onto cotton pad and gently wipe over face and neck. For optimal results, follow with serum or moisturizer.


Aloe Barbadensis (Organic Aloe) Leaf Juice, Ascophyllum Nodosum (Organic Kelp) Extract, Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae (Organic Blue Green Algae) Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid), Salix Nigra (Black Willowbark) Extract, Euterpe Oleracea (Acai Fruit) Pulp Powder, Sodium Chloride (Dead Sea Salt), Polysorbate, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Essential Oil, Sodium Benzoate, Glucolactone, Citric Acid, Lavendula Angustifolia (Certified Organic) Hydrosol.


Information on Ingredients: MTTO is constantly updating the ingredients in our products to bring you the most effective and natural skin care, without cheap water fillers, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors or synthetic fragrances. The above listing represents the current up to date formulation for this product. Due to long lead times for production of our packaging, the ingredients listing on the package may not reflect all current ingredients. Refer to the ingredients listing on our website for the most up to date information on ingredients.




102 Reviews For "Blue Green Algae "

  1. Love the product, hate the packaging!

    by Anu J on 9/5/2016


    I have been using this product religiously for almost 3 years now. It is the best product I have ever came across which suits my acne prone skin.
    However, the new packaging is HORRIBLE and it makes a mess. I prefer the old packaging much better or maybe a better pump. The new pump is absolutely useless.

  2. Favorite toner ever!

    by Ali on 9/4/2016


    This is my AM toner, feels SMELLS heavenly.. cleans excess anything left behind.. My skin & I are in love

  3. Clean-feeling

    by A on 7/7/2016


    I use this nightly. You can feel it tingling and cleaning your pores instantly. Didn't dry out my skin unlike almost all toners I have tried. Definitely cleared breakouts.

  4. Light, refreshing, clearing

    by Victoria on 6/21/2016


    A wonderfully light toner that doesn't even require a cotton pad if you can't be bothered! Just pump once into hand and smooth over face. Feels so refreshing and nourishing, even smells good. Does NOT dry skin out but definitely helps get rid of breakouts. My skin feels clearer and softer even after one use.

  5. Miracle Worker!

    by Marissa on 4/2/2016


    After I fell ill with pneumonia, my face had an extremely negative reaction to the medicine I had been put on. Months after I had gotten better, my face was still breaking out. Some were small, others were cystic. I had tried going natural and using just Witch Hazel but that only dried my skin out more. Since I have oily skin with scattered dry spots, it only made my acne worse by producing more oils. Then I came across Michael Todd when watching a YouTube video. I decided to give it a try and this toner is absolutely life changing! It cleared up my acne and helped to almost completely fade my acne scars. It truly helps with getting off any dirt or last bits of make up that your cleanser didn't get. I promise you, you will not regret buying this!

  6. Best Toner For Acne Ever!

    by Muffin on 4/1/2016


    This is the only thing that cleared me up. My boyfriend even noticed. It's a hydrating, non-stinging and light toner that gives moisture so I don't need a moisturizer necessarily when I use this. it's anti-bacterial so I splash this on my face and body and it actually works. All my back acne bumps have vanished. Thank you! I hope there will be more Blue-Green Algae anti-bacterial products coming soon.

  7. Amazing !

    by Alliyah on 3/2/2016


    This toner is amazing, my skin can't go without it or it starts to freak out and helps keep my acne at bay.

  8. Converted from Mary Kay

    by Gina on 2/11/2016


    I've used Mary Kay's toner for years. Using the Michael Todd toner makes my skin feel cleaner, fresher, lighter, and new. I'm having trouble hiding it from my teen girl who feels the same way. We absolutely LOVE this toner!

    Con - packaging. The pump squirts so hard that you have to finagle it so it sprays less "hard" and makes it onto the cotton ball. Needs a gentler pump.

  9. Love this product, hate new packaging

    by Laura W on 2/8/2016


    I've used this toner for 4 years and the quality is fantastic and it works wonders with acne-prone skin, but the new packaging with the pump is terrible. I use this product with a cotton pad twice a day to apply, but with the new pump, it misses the pad and so much of the toner is being wasted. PLEASE change the packaging back to the squeeze bottle and I'd give this a 5/5!

  10. Absolutely Wonderful!

    by Simi on 1/14/2016


    This is a MUST if you have acne. I started using the Charcoal Detox Cleanser back in March and at the same time, I purchased this toner. Whenever my skin starts to feel heavy and dull, I use this toner. The smell is very nice (some dont like it, I do though) and whenever I break out, I rub this on my pimples and it dries them all out by morning. It is also so moisturizing! I really reccomend it!

  11. Great product

    by Brittany on 11/17/2015


    I like this toner and you get a lot of product for the price paid. I use this product with a cotton ball after I cleanse and I notice how any access residue is wiped away leaving my skin looking a lot better! Although I am not a fan of the smell, it definitely does what I need it to do. My skin is more of a dry combination type prone to blemishes and hyperpigmentation. This along with dark spot correctors have really improved my skin condition. I highly recommend this to others!

    I received this product free or heavily discounted in exchange for my honest review.

  12. Great product

    by Brittany on 11/17/2015


    I like this toner and you get a lot of product for the price paid. I use this product with a cotton ball after I cleanse and I notice how any access residue is wiped away leaving my skin looking a lot better! Although I am not a fan of the smell, it definitely does what I need it to do. My skin is more of a dry combination type prone to blemishes and hyperpigmentation. This along with dark spot correctors have really improved my skin condition. I highly recommend this to others!

  13. Keeps My Acne at Bay

    by Mandy on 11/7/2015


    As frustrating as it is, I still suffer from bouts of acne at the age of 33. I often get breakouts on my chin and along my temples. Since using the Blue Green Algae Toner, I've found I'm having much fewer breakouts. On the rare occasions when it does happen, it's just one lone pimple, rather than a full breakout. Love this toner and all that it's done for my skin!

  14. My search is over (Part 3)

    by MDaisy on 9/21/2015


    I've been looking for skincare for 22 years that doesn't make my skin feel sore, go red, help my blemishes & treat my dry/irritated skin - This toner is the third part of my skincare regime since buying this & 3 other Michael Todd products! Absolutely amazing product, all other toners I have tried were too astringent and therefore I used to avoid toners at all costs. My dehydrated, dry, irritated skin just took too long to recover ! This toner is the one & only toner that has ever worked for me so I will be using this from now on. I would recommend Michael Todd products and especially this toner If no other toners work for you then try this one !


    by Raquel on 4/6/2015


    Out of all the michael todd products in the acne skin regimen this is the one that saved my skin. It works gently but so effectively that if you use it at night you will wake up and instantly notice a difference. I am 21 and used to have so much redness and acne and this is the only thing (along with the charcoal cleanser) that has cleared up my skin. Don't hesitate just buy this !!

  16. Good for Acne

    by Jazz on 3/17/2015


    At first I hated this product not going to lie! I didnt like the scent but after a few months of having it there along with my other Michael Todd products i began using it and I noticed that my skin looks so much better now just by adding this toner in it! And I don't break out as much :) Definitely recommend it!

  17. Tried-and-True Product Worth the Price

    by Lindsey on 2/19/2015


    This product has been raved about for years, and it wasn't until I actually gave in and purchased it that I realized how great it truly is. It cleanses any residue I may have left over on my face after cleansing, prevents and treats breakouts, and smells absolutely divine. Each time I use it I feel like I have spent the day relaxing at the spa. I use it in combination with the Carrot Serum, and let me tell you - it's great. I would 100% recommend it to everyone and anyone. Love!

  18. Amazing

    by Katie on 2/4/2015


    I had acne prone skin for years (I'm 25) and this is the only thing that has worked for me. After 2 months, my breakouts have drastically reduced. I stopped using my clarisonic and only use this, an exfoliator + moisture lite lotion, and my skin is amazing!

  19. Amazing!

    by Natalie on 2/1/2015


    This is the best toner for people with acne prone skin!

  20. Perfect for breakouts!

    by Eliz on 1/10/2015


    As a microbiologist, I was quickly intrigued by the name of this toner and I was not disappointed. It has become my favorite skin care product because it has drastically reduced my breakouts and leaves my skin hydrated. This toner has lasted me over 2 months even though I use it every day after cleansing. I absolutely recommend this to anyone with acne prone/oily skin.

  21. amazing product

    by Valerija on 12/27/2014


    best toner i ever used. Just ordered my second bottle. Contains a lot of great ingredients, my skin never felt so good!

  22. Nice toner

    by Taylor on 12/5/2014


    This is a really nice toner! I use this with my honey and oat cleanser and i've seen major improvements with my skin however, i gave it a 4 star rating because i don't enjoy the smell; that was the only flaw but overall its great!

  23. Loved this

    by Lala on 9/5/2014


    Best thing ever

  24. Fave toner!

    by Steffanie on 9/4/2014


    I have purchased this at least 3 times for myself, and 3 times for my older sister. What can I say? We are both fans of this specific toner! I am 18, and she's 20. The name of this toner is strange, but don't let it scare you from trying it out! It doesn't have a weird scent or color. It actually has a nice scent to it, and is clear. It cleans off all the bacteria from my face and neck! I just look at my cotton ball and feel so much better about applying the rest of my skincare because my face feels so clean! It moisturizes my skin, and preps it for all my serums and lotions! I will definitely continue to buy this!

  25. MUST HAVE #2

    by Mishl10 on 9/3/2014


    So my face had broken out more than it ever has before, I mean seriously even back when I was in highschool I didnt break out that much! I tried a lot of drugstore products like clean and clear and biore but nothing seemed to work. I finally decided that organic was the way to go and boy I couldnt have been more right. I bought the ENTIRE sensitive skin regime and this particular product is THE second most important part. It removes anything leftover and really gives you a fresh clean feel. I will always use this with the charcoal cleanser! <3

    P.S. It doesnt smell very good buuuut once your skin clears up who really cares....haha

  26. lovvvvveeee thisssss

    by lizclaire on 8/23/2014


    I have normal to dry, acne prone skin and I had never really used toner before. I had always heard toners are pretty drying and don't actually do much for your skin. HOWEVER, this toner is AWESOME. It's moisturizing and I haven't had any new breakouts since I started using it a few weeks ago (!!!) AND it evens out my skin tone. I don't review products unless they're either super terrible or super amazing. And this toner is a m a z i n g. I'm so relieved to have finally found something that keeps my breakouts away.

  27. Amazing

    by Samantha on 8/20/2014


    I have struggled with acne for a very long time now and after I started using this product my breakouts have vanished. You need this toner!

  28. You MUST have

    by Idalid on 8/14/2014


    I am in love with this toner. It reduces my acne and my skin gets smooth after a couple of days of using it. I ABSOLUTELY love this product. You have to try this.

  29. Necessity for Acne Prone Skin

    by Bernadette on 8/13/2014


    I adore this stuff! I discovered Michael Todd products through the various YouTube channels that I watch. I'm always looking to try more natural beauty and skincare products so I gave it a shot.

    I have used this toner for the past 2 years and it wasn't until I stopped using it that I realized it was really working for my skin! As a beauty enthusiast I always like to try new products, even if I've found something that works for my skin. When I stopped using this product to try something new my skin started to act up again. It was very necessary to my skin regimen, and once I figured that out I immediately came back. My favorite part about this toner is that it is alcohol free!

    I use this in addition to the charcoal cleanser and it is amazing for my acne!

  30. Must have!

    by Alexandre on 7/22/2014


    In my life I've try a lot of toner, but for the first time in my life I can say that this toner is AMAZING!! It doesn't burn my skin and also I've acne problem, but with this toner my acne is reduced.

  31. Love this toner

    by Alexandra on 7/15/2014


    I saw several reviews of this toner on Youtube and decided to give it a try. It smells amazing - like lavender. I am used to other toners that sting and burn when you put them on your skin, and this didn't do that at all thankfully. The bottle lasted me forever - I used it every day for almost 6 months. As soon as I ran out of it my skin started breaking out, so time to buy another bottle and a back up!!

  32. Does the job!

    by Britney on 7/9/2014


    I've never been big on toners, but after trying it with the regimen, I fell in love. I use it after I use the charcoal facewash on a cotton pad. Whenever I have a breakout, I leave the cotton pad sitting on the area for a good 30 seconds before I put on any lotions or serums. It really helps to heal anything that's active or irritated.

  33. Great toner

    by Kristen on 6/7/2014


    This was the first toner I tried out from the MTTO line. And it's one I will keep using! It feels very nice when I use it. Very cool and clean. My skin drinks it up. And it's more moisturizing than a lot of other toners I've tried. It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry. I'm not a huge fan of the scent. But I can get past that since it's a great product otherwise. Love it!

  34. Holy grail of all toners!

    by Jasmine on 5/13/2014


    This stuff is amazing. I am african american with combination skin and the wrong product can have my t - zone looking oily and everywhere else dry and flaky. This stuff not only balances my whole face to make it equally moisturized but it also fights off pimples. If I ever see a pimple forming I just dab a bit on and by the next day the pimple is GONE! This product has surpassed all of my expectations.

  35. Didn't like it until I realised I couldn't live without it!

    by Michelle on 5/7/2014


    LOVE THIS! At first, I felt that it stung my face, made it dry (this could be initial reaction, or a combination with the wrong products). After a few weeks, I felt a little "meh" about it still, even after the dryness subsided. BUT it was only after I had to go without it for a few days that I felt the difference! I noticed when I didn't use it, blackheads were out of control, skin just didn't feel right.. Got back into using it again and it really does control the formation of pimples with its antibacterial ingredients. I also don't experience dryness anymore, but still like to use moisturiser and serum/rose hip oil afterwards in this cold winter (Australia).

  36. Amazed.

    by Navee on 5/6/2014


    I have NEVER written a review about a product before and I KNOW a lot of people may say that.. but I'm so lazy that it's ridiculous lol. This toner has become one of my HOLY GRAIL products. I will use this FOREVER (or until MTTO stops making it - which I hope they never do!). If you are on the fence about trying this toner.. YOU MUST. Stop reading this review and go purchase!

  37. Can't live without!

    by Mimi on 4/22/2014


    This toner is just delightful. There is a visible difference in my skin when I use it and now I wouldn't go without it.

  38. Smells so good, works so well!

    by Iris on 4/2/2014


    This product not only works well but it's such a pleasure to use it as well! It smells divine and I almost want to taste it (but I won't!) When you use it, it has a slight tingly feel to it and you just feel like it is actually doing what it says it will. It is less effective for clearing pimples that are the large, hard, bumpy type, but do wonders for the "ripe" ones (ew, lol). Hint - this is good for back acne too. It is a perfectly balanced toner, I don't get the oil-slick effect with this like I do with other alcohol based toners that strip too much. Fantastic product!

  39. amazing toner

    by Alyssa on 3/5/2014


    I've tried quite a few products from Michael Todd and this is my absolute favourite. I have sensitive, acne prone skin and this has helped keep my acne at bay. It doesn't sting (there's no alcohol) and makes my skin feel really clean, hydrated and comfortable. I just finished my first bottle (lasted me for about 6-8 months) and I've ordered 2 more bottles! I think I've found my holy grail in a toner :)

  40. HG Toner

    by NEONI on 3/3/2014


    I got this in my set of sensitive/acne set. This is my favorite product. I use it religiously and it has improved my skin so much! It's gentle, MOISTURIZING, and leaves my skin feeling clean. I'll be using this for a long time! Please don't change a thing!

  41. Awesome

    by Rae on 2/20/2014


    I love the smell and doesn't irritate!

  42. Gentle, fresh and effective

    by Jennifer on 2/20/2014


    I bought this toner a few months back and have used religiously since then. I love it for my everyday toner after cleansing, a quick pick-me-up when I feel like I'm a little oily, and also after a work out when I don't have time to wash my face before heading back to work. I have combination/sensitive skin and this is very gentle and really helps balance my skin. It's also very calming when I breakout. I love the fresh scent and it feels very cooling/refreshing. I will definitely repurchase in the future! Love it!

  43. Another hero product

    by Rico on 2/18/2014


    Clear, smooth, hydrated skin - who could ask for more

  44. Effective

    by Mierca on 2/17/2014


    I really did like this toner. It feels really good, like it's killing all that acne-causing bacteria. I can't really tell if it helped, because there are so many products I'm trying at the same time, but it certainly didn't break me out. And as a heads up, I just want to say that it does smell a little funky, just like a salty sea beach.

  45. i'm hooked!

    by jessguh on 2/13/2014


    I understood what toners did but I never felt them necessary. Once I used this little beauty I am now hooked. It leaves my combination skin feeling hydrated and beautiful. I don't have very fussy skin but it had been acting up lately and once I used this my problems were solved. I love it!! The only problem now is I don't know whether to reorder this one or try the cranberry one!

  46. Feels good

    by Rebekka on 2/6/2014


    I really liked this toner. Before I tried this I used to use a toner with alcohol, because I always felt that other toners wouldnt make my face feel clean enough. I always felt still oily kind of. This toner takes away all the impurities and I love it!

  47. Perfect!

    by Shizuma974 on 1/15/2014


    Since I use this I have less and less acne! I only have breakouts due to hormones and that a huge improvment for me. :)

  48. Beauty from the sea!

    by Becca on 1/14/2014


    This stuff is seriously great. Not sure if it's this, or my Charcoal Detox cleanser that's working magic, but my pores and blackheads are disappearing after less than a week. I'm not extremely prone to breakouts, except for the occasional hormonal acne, but this toner just makes my skin feel awesome! It smells like tea tree oil, so I can tell it's super anti-bacterial, but it's not irritating my skin at all!

    I always knew the ocean had all the answers. This Blue Green Algae toner just goes to prove it! Love all my MT products. Thanks!!

  49. My new holy grail product!!

    by Nicole on 12/27/2013


    Excuse my long review hehe. My skin is oily and moderately sensitive. I'm convinced my bad skin is due to genetics and hormones, both very difficult things to work with. Eliminating dairy helped (which helped me discover the hormone connection) but let's face it, I can't live without my coffee and Cheezits haha.
    As soon as I tried this product, I knew I had to get my hands the other Michael Todd products right away. What drew me to this is that this claims to be both anti bacterial and anti inflammatory, and I figured I'd be happy if just 1 occurred. I was pleasantly surprised that this lives up to BOTH of these claims! Within minutes my bumps had flattened noticeably. I use it both morning and night and immediately my skin started clearing. I was truly putting it to the test, considering during the time I started using it I also was guilty of all the skin no-nos. It has only been about a week and I only have 2 small active bumps that are going away, which is UNHEARD of; my skin was pretty bad. Experts say to give a product 2 weeks of trial because that's the skin's "cycling period" for new bumps.
    This has even given me better results than benzoyl peroxide, which I had to stop using because my skin had a bad reaction. No red flaky drying side effects or application wait time with this toner!
    This is the closest I've come to having completely flat skin in a decade, and all with 1 product! I don't know what's in this that makes it different because I've tried using some of the ingredients alone, like pure aloe, sea salt, tea tree oil, etc. It's like a magic potion! I adore the fact that all the products have beneficial ingredients instead of just being a "plain cleanser" or "basic moisturizer" like with drugstore brands. Some even help with aging in addition!
    This has slightly reduced my hyperpigmentation, though it doesn't claim to do that which is why I will be trying this in the morning and their lemon toner at night.
    The fact that this is a toner is even better because you don't need to use your dirty hands to apply and this dries to a nice finish while also removing the last makeup traces. If you have dry skin you might need an extra layer of light moisture as some people have experienced some dryness it seems. It's great at preventing oily skin though! It says to use a thin layer, but I use a good layer and then put the cotton pad over active spots for a few seconds, which has worked great.
    If you are skeptical about one of these products, give it a try. At the very least, they are way safer for your skin than other products and have durable packaging but won't break the bank. Drugstore products really aren't that cheap nowadays anyway!
    I hope this product and line is never discontinued!!

    As a side note, in general, don't let other skincare product reviews on different sites scare you, the people might have just been allergic/hypersensitive to some of the ingredients.

  50. Favorite Product!

    by Haily on 12/13/2013


    This toner is amazing! I have sensitive/combination skin and this toner makes my skin feel refreshed and moisturized, I just ordered my second bottle and will probably keep using this as long as they make it!

  51. Love it!

    by Therese on 12/9/2013


    My skin is combination and sensitive. I love this product! It have saved my skin! My skin is very clear after only one week wih this product! Not only clear ,moisturized and clear. Best toner ever! Thanks to Michael Todd!!

  52. works wonders for my skin

    by JB on 11/29/2013


    Absolutely love this toner because unlike other toners that can dry your skin out this toner hydrates, remineralizes and nourishes my skin. Love this toner

  53. The best!

    by Madam beautify on 11/24/2013


    Since I have been using this morning and night, I don't break out anymore! It acts like a disinfectant for my skin. It does not dry me out and has a pleasant smell. LOVE

  54. Great

    by Jenny on 11/14/2013


    I really love the toner. It smells great and does the job!

  55. Cleared my face!

    by Shin on 11/8/2013


    I LOVE this toner. It is, hands down, the best toner I've ever used. I do not really use toners as it dries out my face and most of them feels so harsh with all the chemicals in it. I use organic rosewater toner every other day and purchased the MT normal/combination kit which came with this toner. It has cleared out my face tremendously. I was having small breakouts only on my forehead all summer long and after a week of using this toner along with the other products in the kit, my face is now clear and even toned. I will be purchasing the full bottle of this along with the lemon toner to try it out. I love MT products. I seriously wish I owned every single product from this line.

  56. best toner i've tried

    by Connie on 11/3/2013


    this product is amazing. no matter how clean i think my skin is, even after using makeup remover, cleanser & a scrub, this toner still manages to wipe loads of gunk off my face idk how it does that


    by Claudy on 10/27/2013


    I purchased the discovery kit and this toner came with it. I was blown away! When I open this and smell it, I feel like a mermaid lol! The smell is so calming and spa-like. The toner keeps my skin clear and calm. It feels so good on my face. I actually look forward to using this toner. Love it! I'll never go without it!!

  58. Amazing product line

    by Brekan on 10/20/2013


    I'm 24 years old and just started a new (and very stressful) job about 5 months ago. I have NEVER suffered from acne. My skin has always been very clear, even in my teenage years. Unfortunately, I have begun to get horrible stress related adult acne, mainly on my chin and forehead. It had been making me so self conscious so I decided to order a few products from MTTO. These products have made such a positive difference in my skin! Just note that your skin might get a little worse before it gets better after you start using the products. Stick with it though because it is definitely worth it!


    by Kimberly on 10/11/2013


    I have oily/acne prone skin and this has helped a lot with reducing and preventing acne. It feels cooling and not burning like other toners and not drying at all. I will probably be using this for the rest of my life. This is definitely a must have.

  60. Love

    by Ash Bay on 10/9/2013


    Never used a toner but I love it! Makes my face feel so clean and refreshed. I will not stop using this item and I am addicted to MT products!! Wish it smelled a little better but I wipe it across my face so fast that I hardly notice the it.

  61. Love the Product

    by Ashleigh on 10/9/2013


    I have never used a toner before so I can't really compare to any others but OMG this is holy grail! For the past month I have been using MT products only everyday and have had no breakouts at all! Which is amazing for me. After using this toner my face feels really soft, I always feel my pores on my nose because my pores are larger around my nose but now that I have been using this product I hardly notice them at all. My face used to feel dirty even after my cleansers, this product takes off any extra dirt! It is just amazing! The smell is ok, could be better but the product makes up for it. Wont try anything else and wont ever stop using it!

  62. Very good value for money

    by Georgina on 9/23/2013


    First of all amazing smell! It smells like a caudalie toner that I like which is more on the high end mark. This one does the job, it cleans my face very well and it doesn't strip my face off its natural oils. It hasn't broken me out at all however I've been getting a little bit itchy every time I apply it after the first month. Don't know what that is about!

  63. Hydrating

    by Rebecca on 9/20/2013


    This toner leaves skin feeling great after use and not tight like most toners that make you run for your moisturizer. Gives a nice a gentle tingle when applying and smells pleasant. Pore size reduction is noticeable, first toner that makes me think there is a reason to use it!

  64. Best toner yet

    by Jess on 9/16/2013


    I've only been using this toner for 2 weeks but it is the best toner I have tried. I've used everything from drugstore to high-end, and they either broke me out or did nothing for me. This smells clean,refreshes my face, and helps with my breakouts and large pores!

  65. Great toner

    by Silkyzzz on 9/6/2013


    I used this toner for about 3 months. I liked it, it does clean the residue left after cleanser. I just ordered another one. I like that it is antibacterial, it did help my skin to clear out from acne.

  66. Holy Grail

    by Jess.H on 8/26/2013


    I never realized how important it was to use a toner in your skin care regime. I purchased the discovery kit and this toner came with it and O. M. G. I can't go without it! When I open this and smell it, I feel like a mermaid lol! The smell is so calming and spa-like. The toner keeps my skin clear and calm. It feels so good on my face. I actually look forward to using this toner. I use once in the morning and once at night. Love it! I'll never go without it!!

  67. I love this product

    by Meggy on 8/24/2013


    Perfect toner.

  68. Great for Blackheads

    by Mrs. H on 8/18/2013


    I've had stubborn blackheads on my nose for as long as I can remember. I've tried many products, but they were all irritating and ineffective. Upon using this amazing product in conjunction with the MTTO multivitamin carrot serum, my blackheads started to surface and were easy to extract. I can finally see my skin clear up, thanks to these two products.

  69. it works

    by Peanut on 8/11/2013


    I will definitely repurchase this toner. It is the only toner that actually feels like it is doing something, since most just sit on my face and feel pointless. It tingles slightly and in the morning if I am feeling lazy I will use this instead of my cleanser.

  70. So surprised

    by Kasey on 8/4/2013


    WOW! I really was hesitant about the claims of this product. I've spent so much money on products that claim to be the best of the best life changing products. I can honestly say that I am beyond thrilled with this product as well as the Michael Todd products in general. I have combination, sensitive, rosacea skin and this product is absolutely amazing. It calms my skin and any blemishes that I can feel starting seem to go away so much faster or never surface at all. This is 100% my holy grail product and one that I can NEVER be without. I'm so glad that I took the plunge and decided to give this product a try. Honestly, with the amazing customer service and refund policy you really have nothing to lose.

  71. great!

    by Les on 8/3/2013


    I have oily-combination skin and this works so well for me. It took about 2-3 weeks before my skin adjusted to it, but after that I could not go a day without using this. It makes my skin feel so nice like it took out the extra dirt that my cleanser missed. It's a true antibacterial toner! The full sized bottle lasted me 2 1/2 months which is not bad! I just wish I was able to see how much product was left so I could give myself time to re-purchase a new bottle.

  72. Awesome!

    by Kim on 7/22/2013


    This is by far the best toner I've used! I have very sensitive combination/breakout prone skin; usually products that are effective for preventing breakouts are irritating, but not this one! It also smells really nice!

  73. Something Magical*

    by Morgan on 7/18/2013


    There's something magical about this toner. This cleared up my acne amazingly well with daily use, and I've tried EVERYTHING both over the counter and prescription. I hate to call it a "miracle product" because it might not work for everyone, but for the price point, it's worth a shot! The smell is wonderfully spa-like, and it leaves a nice clean yet moisturized feeling to the skin. I will likely continue to use and recommend this product for a long time to come!

  74. Effective

    by Mimi on 7/8/2013


    I have never tried a toner that was as effective, gentle, and moisturizing as this one! I have mild acne and combination skin, after 3 days of using this product my skin got significantly clearer, less red, and my dry patches less noticeable. I thought I'd never find a product that would treat my acne AND dry patches, but I was pleasantly surprised. Please give this product a shot!!!!


    by Jen on 7/3/2013


    This was one of those products I didn't realise was so amazing until I didn't have it anymore! I got the sample size in a kit, thought I would give it a go and did really like it. Now it has run out, I keep breaking out, and my t zone gets oilier during the day. I need this back in my life! I have ordered 2 full size products and told so many people about it!

  76. Holy Grail

    by Hailz on 7/1/2013


    Oh my goodness, my skin thanks you Michael Todd. I have had pretty regular breakouts since I can remember, but this toner has seriously brought them down. I'm not saying that I never get a blemish anymore, but they are now few and far between. If a spot ever does come up, this toner reduces the redness and it is gone in a couple of days.

  77. Awesome ^_^

    by Linda on 6/29/2013


    this is the first toner i've used since the neutrogena oil free one, but this one by far is AMAZING! the smell is soooo nice (spa scent) and it really does help lessen the redness of any irritation areas i had and clears up my pores and makes my face feel clean! usually i never write reviews online but i when i do, it means the products is very good! i'm going to repurchase! please don't discontinue this MTTO!

  78. I can't live without it!!!!

    by The skin ninja on 6/27/2013


    My skin is oily and very acne prone. Not only is it that but it is extremely sensitive. Everything that I have tried for my face has initial breakouts that occur when I first use them and usually take about two weeks to clear up. I was a bit worried that this would do that too but I tried it anyways. This amazing product didn't break me out at all but instead started a healing process on my skin. It cleared up most of my acne and the annoying whiteheads on my chin shrank down and cleared up. There are fewer blackheads on my nose and I have MUCH less oil on my skin! I was looking at pictures from the September of last year, before I had gotten this product and was shocked at how oily my face was then and how matte it is now. It makes my skin softer and smoother and has made my pores much smaller. Not only does it work wonders its also all natural and after using all natural skin care on my body for a few months I have realized how amazing it is to not have harsh chemicals being absorbed in the LAGEST ORGAN OF YOUR BODY. Although this product is rather pricey, I would never stop buying it. You have to be able to ignore the price and think of how much money it costs to buy countless amounts of other products that don't work rather than staying with one product that does more than you even expected. Trust me, your skin is worth it. DId I mention the amazing smell? It smells like a romantic walk through the woods at twilight. It has a magnificent spicy smell that is extremely relaxing. This product is amazing and is definitely worth your investment.

  79. Must have toner!

    by Lisa on 6/15/2013


    I have been using MTTO products for about three months and they are amazing quality. One of my favorites is this blue algae toner it's gentle and helps clear impurities and acne. I use it everyday at night I just love it.

  80. Best Toner I've Ever Used!

    by Virginia on 6/12/2013


    I've tried pretty much every acne system out there and nothing has seemed to help! When I heard about Michael Todd True Organics, I knew I just had to try it! I really had nothing to lose! I haven't had a serious breakout in a month! This toner is truly amazing! It leaves your skin feeling fresh without drying it out! While using it, it feels tingly, but doesn't burn like your typical toners!


    by mlyvng on 5/24/2013


    I just started using this for two days, and my face hasn't start any new large pimple! It's amazing! It doesn't sting like other toners, and it keeps my face in place! Less oily. (: Recommend for all!

  82. Worth every penny!

    by Rachelle on 5/18/2013


    I am 26 and pregnant and I bought the Normal/Combination Skin Discover Kit about a month ago. I have been loving a few of the products including this toner. It has a mild smell and is gentle yet effective on my skin. If I do happen to have any dirt or oil on my skin after cleansing, this gets it right off. I will be repurchasing this as soon as mine runs low. I am pleased to say that since I have started using the MTTO Honey & Oat Cleanser, Blue Green Algae Toner, and Citrus Cream Moisturizer, I have not broken out. This is HUGE for me as I have had troubled skin since I was 15. This toner is definitely worth the money and is for sure my favorite item in the entire kit that I purchased.

  83. Best Toner I've Used

    by SaraNicole on 5/7/2013


    I bought the acne kit which came with the Lemon Toner. I found it working nice on my skin. Then I switched to just using the Algae Toner in place of the Lemon one and my face looked even better. I still love the lemon, but the algae toner toned down the redness on my skin and lessen my break outs. I really enjoy this toner and am glad I've found something that works.

  84. Incredible!

    by Angie on 4/15/2013


    Love the act that this toner and all the other toners do not have alcohol in them to strip my skin of naturl oils but instead contains algae which is a natural anti bacterial agent! My skins ph is balanced. I am not overly oily or dry my skin is PERFECT! And it does not smell badly at all. So for anyone who complained about the scent must have extremely sensitive noses. I've used natural product where toner smelled just aweful but continued to use it anyway. This is just lovely and than some. Gets all my makeup off too!

  85. Love it

    by shanm923 on 3/31/2013


    Love this toner. Helps control my oil and has lessoned my break outs. Feels so refreshing and doesn't leave your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. Not even half way done with my current bottle and already ordered my next one just to make sure I am never without. Fast shipping, too!

  86. Must Have

    by Sonia on 3/21/2013


    I bought this product after my facialist recommended I start using a toner. After a terrible experience with a witchhazel astringent when I was in my early teens, I had given up on toners all together. I ordered this product after a ton of research and I couldn't be happier. It is amazingly refreshing and moisturizing. I have also noticed that my acne has essentially disappeared, I imagine because of the anti-bacterial aspect. This is a holygrail product for me.

  87. Best Toner Ever

    by Cat on 3/9/2013


    I am 34 and have a 9 month old baby. I recently suffered a postpartum stubborn breakout that would not go away. After battling red angry bumps for two months, I found this toner. In less than two weeks, the breakout was gone and most of the redness was gone too. Best of all, no new bumps. I will never use anything else!

  88. Love this prodcut

    by Jessica on 3/2/2013


    I really love this toner, its not drying at all it feels good on the skin and really get the excess dirt and grim off your face! Outstanding product would highly recommend. This will be my second bottle once I get it in the mail!!

  89. Love, love, love!

    by Audrey on 2/25/2013


    I've been looking for a cleansing and moisturizing toner for years to help keep my skin clear (oily/combination, acne-prone). I've used the Spectro cleansing pads for a very long time and there's just so much alcohol in them! This toner by MTTO is 100x better than any other toner I've tried. Will keep purchasing this product!

  90. Blue Green Algae On Your Face?!

    by Sarah on 2/24/2013


    I was kind of skeptical at first about trying this toner...I mean blue green algae, sounds kind of gross. But, I went ahead and ordered it anyways. I have used so many facial products and this is by far the best toner I have ever used, and it smells absolutely amazing. Now I really want to try all the other products as well hoping they are as equally amazing.

  91. The most effective toner ever!

    by OlgaSlonik on 1/30/2013


    This toner helped me to get rid of severe cyctic acne, which I couldn't heal for about 2 months before. I noticed the anti-inflammatory effect after the very first use. My acne was gone in a week! The best thing is that it is moisturizing, as opposed to other toners which have alcohol in them. Love this product!

  92. Great toner

    by evike on 1/26/2013


    Very happy with this toner, gets rid off acne and pimples in a day if you keep re-applying it

  93. Blue Green Algae Toner is AMAZING

    by Riley88 on 1/11/2013


    I have acne prone and oily combination skin. I've been working to clear my face up forever and especially now because I'm getting married in June. I got this for Christmas and just using it every night I've noticed a huge difference. My acne that i did have has cleared up and i haven't noticed any new pimples or anything! I'm so happy with this purchase and I tell everyone about it!!

  94. Best toner

    by kay on 1/9/2013


    This is by far the best toner I have used. It doesn't make my skin feel tight when I put it on, nor does it burn on any active blemishes I may have. I use it in the morning before I apply my makeup and at night before bed. My skin has been less oily and I think it is improving my acne. The smell is a little strong and something to get used to but I'd rather it smell natural then have a bunch of chemicals/fragrances in my product that would irritate my skin. Definitely will repurchase.

  95. Helps reduce acne

    by Carol on 12/2/2012


    Me and my sister use this toner. My sister has reduced her acne big time and just cost $18. Thank you michael todd <3

  96. Michael Todd Toner

    by Lexy on 11/28/2012


    This product is great! It makes your skin soft and clean and reduces the pores.Great great product!!

  97. cool

    by taz on 10/19/2012


    i love this toner. i bought this two to three months ago ever since i started using it my acne went wayyyy down and people have even commented on how much better my skin has gotten

  98. Really cleared my face

    by Courtney on 9/27/2012


    I'm using this stuff like 3 times a day because it gets rid of the shine on my face in the middle of the day. Since I have been using it, I noticed my pores getting smaller and my face is definitely clearer. I'm also noticing that I'm not breaking out nearly as much as I have in the past. This is better than most of the zit treatments I've tried, wow!

  99. amazing pore minimizing effect

    by Bahij on 9/13/2012


    I have been using both the Organic Lemon Toner (at night) and the Blue Green Algae Toner (in the morning) for the last couple of months and have seen a huge transformation in the quality of my skin. I have acne prone, combination skin and have never noticed such a change from the toning step. The Organic Lemon Toner has brightened my skin and smoothed the texture without the drying effect of other glycolic acid treatments that I've used. The Blue Green Algae Toner has an amazing pore minimizing effect and has evened my complexion. Also, using one toner in the morning and the other at night has really helped prevent breakouts. Thank you for the amazing products!

  100. It calmed down the red bumps

    by Rhiannon on 9/11/2012


    In my late 40's and STILL suffer from acne, grrrrrrrrr. I love the Michael Todd eye shadows so I figured this had to be good too and I was right. I tend to get red bumps, like zits that don't come to a head. They hurt and are hard to calm down but this toner did the trick. I saw a difference after about 5 days, it was amazing! Keep up the good work Michael Todd!

  101. Awesome!

    by Maggie on 8/31/2012


    I've read a lot of stuff about Blue Green Algae but most products are super expensive or have other weird things in it that I'd rather not use. This product smells great, works great and has cleared up most of my acne and I've only been using it for 2 weeks. I recommend this to anyone who has problem skin, it works great.

  102. works wonders

    by angie on 8/27/2012


    I love this toner!!! I have very sensitive skin with blemishes and a constant oily t-zone and was worried that it may irritate my skin but this product has worked wonders! It feels great on my skin and it doesn't make my skin feel tight afterwards. It tames the oil too. I'm so glad I gave this product a shot!"

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