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Skincare Techniques That Can Do More Harm Than Good

With the New Year, many people have made skincare as one of their beauty goals.  But, it is easy to get sucked into some unproductive skincare tips. Worse yet, often these approaches we have made to benefit our skin are the same ones that can do more harm than good.  Hence, we decided to share with you some skincare techniques that can backfire, straight from our Celebrity Aesthetician, Erica Parker.

Technique #1: Microdermabrasion 

Until recently, microdermabrasion was my holy grail. I was all about resurfacing since I’ve always dealt with what I call, “texture issues.” My texture issues were enlarged pores, rough or thick skin that tended to clog and breakout easily. Microderm was something I could do myself, on my time, without the downtime of a heavy peel or the expense of a laser treatment. Not anymore. Even as an aesthetician, who constantly thinks about anti-aging and proper skin care, I didn’t even know about the damage I was doing to my elasticity and firmness with my weekly Microderm treatments. That’s right, Microderm uses a vacuum that pulls and stretches the skin as it abrades the surface. We all know that over time, if you continuously pull and stretch the skin it will loose its, “bounce back.” I was trading in one skin problem just to get another. No thanks.

Alternative Solution: Daily sonic skin cleansing, with something like the Michael Todd Beauty Soniclear Elite, is a much better choice to target texture issues without the risk of pulling or stretching the skin.


Technique #2: Waxing

That’s right, I used to be the waxing queen. If I’m going to toot my own horn, it’s going to be with my brow shaping skills. Not anymore. Hot wax when applied over the hairs also attaches to the surrounding skin. When the wax strip is removed it traumatically pulls at the surrounding skin. This violent motion overtime can cause a weakening in the skin’s elasticity and lead to sagging brows. This might present itself as a heavy hooded eye.

Alternative Solution: I have traded in my wax for a straight razor and a pair of Tweezerman tweezers.

Technique #3: Retin-A

Let me start off by saying that,  I LOVE Retin-A. I do what I can to avoid overuse, but every so often I go through a tube to keep my skin in check. The problem with Retin-A is that people don’t fully understand the limitations of what you can and can not do if you are using it. Retin-A gets rid of all kinds of problems like wrinkles, fine lines, uneven tone, enlarged pores and even blemishes. It works by increasing cell turnover which thins out the skin. You should not have any facial waxing done if you have used Retin-A as there is a good chance that a layer or two of your skin will be ripped off with the wax strip. 

Alternative Solution: Retin-A is not for long-term use. You should take a break after a couple of months. Unfortunately,  doctors don't always inform their patients of this; I've seen this with a significant number of my clients.  Of course, we all know about the increased risk of sun exposure, but really, it’s a big deal.

Technique #4: Over Exfoliation

I love me some exfoliation. We all love the smooth complexion that you get with consistent exfoliation but too much can just be too much. If your skin starts to feel more sensitive or starts looking more blotchy, it’s time to back off. Over exfoliation can cause any skin type to become sensitized. This is a condition where your normally, unsensitive skin becomes sensitive.

Alternative Solution: The good news is that it usually returns to it’s normal state if you back off use of the aggravating product.




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